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Job Base: Merchant
Job Type: 2-1
Changes At: Geffen
Number of Skills: 21
Total Skill Points: 84
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+6 +2 +6 +2 +12 +2



Blacksmiths have the ability to forge weapons. They can master the power to imbue weapons with elements of Fire, Earth, Wind and Water and also have the ability to increase the weapon damage further. Of course, Blacksmiths can also be based off raw physical power, and even have the highest melee damage among the other 2nd classes. A Battle Blacksmith's main skills revolve around the theme of self-buffing to increase damage. The main offensive skills are Mammonite and Cart Revolution, which both can be learned as a Merchant.

Jobchange Guide

See Blacksmith Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Blacksmith from a Merchant requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection
  • Written Test

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Blacksmith. This mostly takes place in Geffen.


There are three common Blacksmith stat builds: Battlesmith, Pure Forger and Battle Forger.


A Battlesmith usually obtains all of the combat skills and no forging or refining skills. Superfluous smith skill points are spent towards maxing Merchant skills like Enlarge Weight Limit. The exception is level 1 Iron Tempering and Steel Tempering, which is needed for Ore Discovery let's them obtain a random ore for every monster they kill. Battlesmiths vary in stat builds, but most invest heavily in STR.

Battlesmith Stat Build
  • STR: 90-120
  • AGI: 50-70
  • VIT: 50-70
  • INT: 1-20
  • DEX: 50-60
  • LUK: 1-30

Pure Forger

A Pure Forger masters the art of forging weapons and therefore lacks skills in the combat department. It is not wise to make a Pure Forger as a first character, since leveling one is difficult.

  • Soloing and partying: Difficult due to the lack of offensive and defensive skills.
  • Leveling with a tank: Possible at lower levels, but quickly becomes ineffective after becoming a Blacksmith.
  • Leeching from an even share party: The preferred way, and probably the fastest way of leveling a Pure Forger.

It is suggested to use a Priest with Gloria and Blessing to add more points to DEX and LUK before forging.

Pure Forger Stat Build
  • STR: 9
  • AGI: 1
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 1
  • DEX: 99
  • LUK: 99

Battle Forger

Using high DEX among other stats, the Battle Forger works well with level 3 and 4 weapons without sacrificing a great deal of forging chances (though a Battle Forger may also want to include LUK for forge support and crit chance.) Combining weapon forging with weapon buffing skills makes the "Battle Forger" a respectable main or first character; able to obtain profit and function in a party. In spite of the perks and dualities, the Battle Forger is often seen as an "inferior" build to it's siblings. While it is true that Battlesmith is more effective at buffing weapon based jobs, and Pure Forger will generate more profits; the margin of difference becomes smaller as the build becomes more geared to a single extreme. It is not advisable to use a Battle Forger if your intentions in making a Blacksmith are purely for profit or weapon buffing. Battle Forgers also have a dilemma of having to choose between the weapon types to forge and the buffs to use, so it is advised that a Battle Forger pays attention to their server's most profitable weapon, or what they may need for other characters.

Basic Battle Forger Build (lv99)
  • STR: 74+6 (73+7 with Hilt Binding )
  • AGI: 50+2
  • DEX: 88+12
  • INT: 16+2
  • VIT: 25+6
  • LUK: 33+2




Axes are generally more powerful and has a better ASPD modifier than Maces but maces gives the option of equipping shields. Currently, it's better to use these to benefit from Adrenaline Rush, but once Full Adrenaline Rush becomes available, daggers will be an option for specialized usage.



Upper Headgear
Middle Headgear
Lower Headgear



  • 2504.png Muffler [1]
  • 2506.png Manteau [1]
    • 4129.png Bapho Jr. - +3 Agi. Best for agi-smiths trying to hit a certain aspd
    • 4102.png Whisper - +20 Flee. Smiths have awful fleel this card helps a bit
    • 4159.png Ninetail - +2 Agi, and when compounded to +9 garment, +20 Flee
    • 4133.png Raydric - +20% Neutral element reduction. Preferable for PvP/WOE.



Forger Smith

To maximize the chances of forging, these currently available equipments are suggested


Upper Headgear





  • Any +9 or +10 garment usable by smiths




  • 9003.png Pet Poporing - Cordial or Loyal intimacy gives +2 LUK, +10% Poison Element Resistance

Ore Refining

Blacksmiths can refine Iron Ore into Iron, Iron and Coal into Steel, and elemental ores into elemental stones. Each attempt to refine material consumes 1 Mini Furnace.

For material lists see the list below or the corresponing skill: Iron Tempering, Steel Tempering and Enchantedstone Craft.

Alternatively: There is an NPC in Einbroch (Uwe Kleine) (216,180) who can refine Coal at a price of 30 Jubilee and 4 Large Jellopy.


1. In order to refine materials into metals you must have all of the necessary materials in your main inventory (not your cart). Then you use a furnace. When you use the Mini Furnace it's gone for good, it doesn't matter if you actually refine something or not.

2. A window will open with a list of items that can be created. Select which item you wish to refine from the list and click 'OK' or press enter.

3. Another window will appear detailing which materials you'll be using up. Regardless of if the refining succeeds or fails the items on the list will be lost if you continue.

4. If the refining succeeds the newly created item will appear in your inventory.

Smithing Math

Success Rate = [(JobLv × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) + (Ore Rate)]%

Iron Tempering.png Iron Tempering
Skill Level Success Rate
1 45%
2 50%
3 55%
4 60%
5 65%
Steel Tempering.png Steel Tempering
Skill Level Success Rate
1 35%
2 40%
3 45%
4 50%
5 55%
Enchantedstone Craft.png Ench. Craft
Skill Level Success Rate
1 15%
2 20%
3 25%
4 30%
5 35%

Ore Refining Materials

Ore Items
998.png Iron 1 Mini Furnace 1 Iron Ore
999.png Steel 5 Iron 1 Coal
994.png Flame Heart 10 Red Blood
995.png Mystic Frozen 10 Crystal Blue
996.png Rough Wind 10 Wind of Verdure
997.png Great Nature 10 Green Live
1000.png Star Crumb 10 Star Dust

Ore Refining Hunting Guide

Item Source
612.png Mini Furnace Bought from Geffen's Blacksmith's Shop.
1002.png Iron Ore Metaling and Skeleton Worker.
998.png Iron Antique Firelock, Pitman, Metaling and Skeleton Worker.
1003.png Coal Obsidian, Golem, Skeleton Worker, Sting and Kaho.
999.png Steel Pitman, Golem, Kobold and Obsidian.
990.png Red Blood Red Mushroom, Scorpion, Metaller, Elder Willow.
994.png Flame Heart Gig, Kaho and Marduk.
991.png Crystal Blue Black Mushroom, Marina, Vadon, Cornutus and Kukre.
995.png Mystic Frozen Marc, Obeaune, Marse and Swordfish.
992.png Wind of Verdure Grand Peco and Brilight
996.png Rough Wind Wind Ghost and Hunter Fly.
993.png Green Live Best way is by downgrading Great Nature using Ore Downgrading.
997.png Great Nature Sleeper.
1001.png Star Dust Bathory and Sandman.
1000.png Star Crumb Miyabi Doll.

Weapon Forging

Blacksmiths can forge weapons from different materials. The materials used decide the weapon to be created as well as any additional properties, such as element, the weapon will have. Forged weapons do not have Card Slots. Rods, Bows, Instruments, Books and Katars cannot be forged, nor can level 4 weapons.

For material lists see the list below or the corresponding Smith <weapon> skill: Smith Dagger, Smith Sword, Smith Two-handed Sword, Smith Axe, Smith Knucklebrace, Smith Mace or Smith Spear.

When forging a weapon there are 3 available slots for modifying items. Items such as Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind and Great Nature can be used to imbue the weapon with the Fire, Water, Wind and Earth elements respectively. A weapon may only have one element at a time and using more than one elemental stone will cause the forge to fail. Slots may also be fitted with Star Crumbs. One, two, and three Star Crumbs will (respectively) add +5, +10, and +40 seeking damage to all attacks from the weapon. The extra damage cannot miss and ignores defense.


1. Make sure that all of the necessary items are in your inventory (not your cart). Then use the necessary hammer for the weapon level you wish to create (Iron Hammer for Lv1, Golden Hammer for Lv2 and Oridecon Hammer for Lv3 weapons). Once you click OK (or press enter) the hammer will disappear even if you quit.

2. A list of weapons you can forge will appear. Select the weapon you wish to create and continue.

3. A second window will appear detailing which items will be used up by the forging attempt. There are also 3 spaces to place Elemental Stones and/or Star Crumbs.

4. Drag and drop the extra materials from your inventory to the slots to add them to the weapon. Even if the forging attempt fails the items on the list as well as those in the slots will be lost.

5. If the forge is successful the newly created weapon will appear in your inventory.

Forging Math

Success Rate = [50 + (Anvil) + (Weaponry Research Level) + (Oridecon Research Level if Weapon Lv3) + (JobLv × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) - (Weapon Level) - (Element Stone) - (Star Crumbs)]%

Weapon Level Base Success Rate
1101.png Lv 1 -0%
1110.png Lv 2 -20%
1129.png Lv 3 -30%
Stones Success Rate
1000.png Star Crumb -15%
994.png Flame Heart -20%
995.png Mystic Frozen -20%
996.png Rough Wind -20%
997.png Great Nature -20%
Weaponry Research.png Weaponry Research
Level Bonus Success Rate
1 1%
2 2%
3 3%
4 4%
5 5%
6 6%
7 7%
8 8%
9 9%
10 10%
Oridecon Research.png Oridecon Research
Level Bonus Success Rate
1 1%
2 2%
3 3%
4 4%
5 5%
Iron Tempering.png Anvil
Item Bonus Success Rate
986.png Anvil 0%
987.png Oridecon Anvil 3%
988.png Golden Anvil 5%
989.png Emperium Anvil 10%
Smith Dagger.png Smith Skills
Level Bonus Success Rate
1 10%
2 20%
3 30%
  • Anvils aren't consumed.
  • You cannot forge weapons with weapon level higher than your smith <weapon> skill level.
  • Baby Blacksmiths have a -30% penalty.

Weapon Forging Materials

Type Level Weapon Items
1 1303.png Axe 1 Iron Hammer 10 Iron
1353.png Battle Axe 110 Iron
2 1356.png Hammer 1 Golden Hammer 30 Steel
3 1359.png Buster 1 Oridecon Hammer 30 Orc's Fang 4 Oridecon 20 Steel
1362.png Two Handed Axe 1 Amethyst 8 Oridecon 10 Steel
1 1203.png Knife 1 Iron Hammer 10 Jellopy 1 Iron
1206.png Cutter 25 Iron
1209.png Main Gauche 25 Iron
2 1212.png Dirk 1 Golden Hammer 17 Steel
1215.png Dagger 30 Steel
1218.png Stiletto 40 Steel
3 1221.png Gladius 1 Oridecon Hammer 1 Sapphire 4 Oridecon 40 Steel
1222.png Damascus 1 Zircon 4 Oridecon 60 Steel
1 1801.png Waghnak 1 Iron Hammer 1 Pearl 160 Iron
2 1803.png Knuckle Duster 1 Golden Hammer 50 Steel
1805.png Studded Knuckles 65 Steel
3 1807.png Fist 1 Oridecon Hammer 10 Ruby 4 Oridecon
1809.png Claw 10 Topaz 8 Oridecon
1811.png Finger 10 Opal 4 Oridecon
1 1503.png Club 1 Iron Hammer 3 Iron
1506.png Mace 30 Iron
2 1509.png Smasher 1 Golden Hammer 20 Steel
1512.png Flail 33 Steel
1521.png Chain 45 Steel
3 1515.png Morning Star 1 Oridecon Hammer 1 1Carat Diamond 85 Steel
1518.png Sword Mace 20 Sharp Scale 100 Steel
1522.png Stunner 1 Heroic Emblem 120 Steel
1 1403.png Javelin 1 Iron Hammer 3 Iron
1406.png Spear 35 Iron
1409.png Pike 70 Iron
2 1453.png Guisarme 1 Golden Hammer 25 Steel
1456.png Glaive 40 Steel
1459.png Partizan 55 Steel
3 1462.png Trident 1 Oridecon Hammer 1 Aquamarine 10 Steel
1465.png Halberd 12 Oridecon 10 Steel
1412.png Lance 3 Ruby 2 Evil Horn 12 Oridecon
One Handed Sword
1 1103.png Sword 1 Iron Hammer 2 Iron
1106.png Falchion 30 Iron
1109.png Blade 25 Tooth of Bat 45 Iron
2 1112.png Rapier 1 Golden Hammer 20 Steel
1115.png Scimitar 35 Steel
1122.png Ring Pommel Saber 50 Wolf Claw 40 Steel
3 1126.png Saber 1 Oridecon Hammer 1 Opal 8 Oridecon 5 Steel
1123.png Haedonggum 1 Topaz 8 Oridecon 10 Steel
1121.png Tsurugi 1 Garnet 8 Oridecon 15 Steel
1129.png Flamberge 1 Cursed Ruby 16 Oridecon
Two Handed Sword
1 1118.png Katana 1 Iron Hammer 15 Horrendous Mouth 35 Iron
2 1153.png Slayer 1 Golden Hammer 20 Decayed Nail 25 Steel
1156.png Bastard Sword 45 Steel
3 1159.png Two Handed Sword 1 Oridecon Hammer 12 Oridecon 10 Steel
1160.png Broad Sword 12 Oridecon 20 Steel
1163.png Claymore 1 Cracked Diamond 16 Oridecon 20 Steel

Weapon Forging Hunting Guide

Item Source
613.png Iron Hammer Bought from Geffen's Blacksmith's Shop.
614.png Golden Hammer Bought from Geffen's Blacksmith's Shop.
615.png Oridecon Hammer Bought from Geffen's Blacksmith's Shop.
984.png Oridecon Anolian, Alarm and purifying Rough Oridecon.
733.png Cracked Diamond Isis.
724.png Cursed Ruby Gibbet.
728.png Topaz Mineral and bought from Morroc's Jeweler.
727.png Opal Zombie.
723.png Ruby Bought from Morroc's Jeweler.
718.png Garnet Ungoliant and from Gift Box.
720.png Aquamarine Marin, Merman, Marc, Obeaune and Marse.
719.png Amethyst Penomena and Argiope.
726.png Sapphire Mobster, Cramp, Sea Otter and bought from Morroc's Jeweler.
729.png Zircon Toad and bought from Morroc's Jeweler.
722.png Pearl Medusa, Sea Otter and Myst Case.
730.png 1Carat Diamond Obsidian and bought from Morroc's second Jeweler.
909.png Jellopy Primarily from Ant Egg.
957.png Decayed Nail Zombie.
958.png Horrendous Mouth Ghoul and Requiem.
920.png Wolf Claw Wolf and Desert Wolf.
913.png Tooth of Bat Familiar and Drainliar.
923.png Evil Horn Baphomet Jr.
963.png Sharp Scale Phen and Swordfish.
922.png Orc's Fang Orc Skeleton.
968.png Heroic Emblem Orc Hero and Orc Lord.

Item Look & Feel

1.- When a weapon is forged successfully it's name will have the forger's name attached.

Result: John's Sword

2.- Normally the forger's name will appear in blue, however if the character that forged the weapon has been deleted the forger's name is lost, and the weapons becomes nameless.

Result: Nameless's Sword

3.- When imbued with an element the name of the element will appear before the Weapon's name and after the forger's name.

Result: John's Fire Sword

4.- When imbued with one or more Star Crumb the term 'Very' will appear before the forgers name for each Star Crumb used followed by 'Strong'.

Result: Very Very Very Strong John's Sword

5.- When imbued with both an element and Star Crumbs the weapon's name will follow the naming conventions in the order Star Crumbs, Forger, Element, Weapon Name.

Result: Very Very Strong John's Fire Sword

Ranking System

For Forgers there is a system in which you are ranked amongst all your peers of who can make the most weapons.

  • Rank Point +1: For upgrading a level 1 weapon that you have forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +10: For successfully creating a level 3 weapon that contains 3 stones (either 2 star crumbs and an elemental stone, or three star crumbs).
  • Rank Point +25: For upgrading a level 2 weapon that you have forged to +10.
  • Rank Point +1000: For upgrading a level 3 weapon that you have forged to +10.

You can check Blacksmith ranks via usage of /blacksmith command. A weapon created by ranked blacksmith will deal an extra +10 seeking damage (pierces defense and never misses).

If 30 days have passed without the ranker logging at least once, it will be taken out of the rank list until they log again. Not a single point will be lost in this process.

Class Data


See Merchant Skills for first class skills.

Battle Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Adrenaline Rush.png Adrenaline Rush
Increases the ASPD of Axe and Mace class weapons across the entire party. 5 Active
Hammer Fall.png Hammer Fall
Chance of stunning all enemies within a 5x5 area. 5 Active
Hilt Binding.png Hilt Binding
Increases STR, ATK and the duration of several Blacksmith skills by 10%. 1 Passive
Power Maximize.png Power Maximize
Uses maximum weapon damage for skill duration. 5 Active
Power-Thrust.png Power-Thrust
Increases ATK of party members on screen. Add chance of breaking own weapons when attacking. 5 Supportive
Skin Tempering.png Skin Tempering
Increases resistance to the Fire and Neutral properties. 5 Passive
Weapon Perfection.png Weapon Perfection
Removes size penalties associated with weapons. 5 Active

Forging Skills

Skill Description Levels Type
Enchantedstone Craft.png Enchantedstone Craft
Enables the creation of Elemental Stones. 5 Passive
Iron Tempering.png Iron Tempering
Enables the creation of Iron from Iron Ore. 5 Passive
Ore Discovery.png Ore Discovery
Adds low chance of finding certain ores when killing monsters. 1 Passive
Oridecon Research.png Oridecon Research
Increases the chance of crafting Level 3 Weapons. 5 Passive
Smith Axe.png Smith Axe
Enables the creation of various Axe class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Dagger.png Smith Dagger
Enables the creation of various Dagger class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Knucklebrace.png Smith Knucklebrace
Enables the creation of various Knuckle class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Mace.png Smith Mace
Enables the creation of various Mace class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Spear.png Smith Spear
Enables the creation of various Spear class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Sword.png Smith Sword
Enables the creation of various One Handed Sword class weapons. 3 Passive
Smith Two-handed Sword.png Smith Two-handed Sword
Enables the creation of various Two Handed Sword class weapons. 3 Passive
Steel Tempering.png Steel Tempering
Enables the creation of Steel from Iron and Coal. 5 Passive
Weapon Repair.png Weapon Repair
Returns damaged equipment to usable state. 1 Active
Weaponry Research.png Weaponry Research
Increases HIT, ATK of the chance of Forging a weapon. 10 Passive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Greed.png Greed
Automatically pick up items in a 5x5 area around caster. 1 Active N/A Greed Quest
Dubious Salesmanship.png Dubious Salesmanship
Reduces the Zeny cost of the skill Mammonite. 1 Passive 35 Dubious Salesmanship Quest

Soul Link

The Blacksmith Spirit enables the use of

Skill Description Levels Type
Advanced Adrenaline Rush.png Advanced Adrenaline Rush
Reduces attack delay of all party members using melee weapons. 1 Active

Job Bonuses

The Levels in which you receive a certain bonus.

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR 3 8 16 23 31 44
AGI 29 38
VIT 7 13 20 32 37 49
INT 21 34
DEX 1 4 5 9 12 19 26 28 36 39 40 47
LUK 11 46


Lower delay means faster attack, for more information see ASPD

Weapon Weapon Delay
Unarmed 400
Dagger 600
1H Sword 650
1H Axe 650
2H Axe 650
Mace 675

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