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6. ''You can now start the [[Kafra Band Quest]].''
6. ''You can now start the [[Kafra Band Quest]].''
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Base Level: 1
Quest Prerequisite(s): Missing Book Quest
Base Experience: 2,250,000
Quest Reward(s): Access to Kafra Band Quest
This is a part of the Missing Book Quest.
This quest will not be triggered if you do not meet the conditions to start it.

1. Go to southern Umbala (um_fild04 262, 252) and talk to the Botanist. He muses over the stolen book and introduces himself as Jonathan Greengold, a researcher in the field of botany and plant cultivation.

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2. Jonathan begs you to let him keep the book as it's vital to his research. After a bit of chatting, he asks you to identify five different plant species in his place.

You must find Rare Plants and kill them to obtain 30063.png Unidentified Plant scattered around Umbala Fields.

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  • If you don't have the quest up to this point, the Rare Plants won't drop anything.
  • It is worth noting that Rare Plant looks like a Shining Plant.
  • Every batch of 5 Unidentified Plant will roll a chance to get one of the five plant types.
  • You have 1/6 of failing to identify the plant.
  • You can still keep getting the same plant type everytime, so it's advisable to bring a big amount of Unidentified Plant.
  • Unidentified Plant are Char Bound; however, the identified ones aren't (so you can use the duplicates with other characters).
Identified Plants
30063.png Laurus Parasitii 30064.png Galium Mordere 30065.png Lotus Coles 30066.png Iris Luzzi 30067.png Jasminum Uva

4. Once you get five different plant types, talk to Jonathan again and he will lend you the book 30062.png A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants.

5. Jonathan will forward you to his wife, who suggests that there may be Kafra positions in Western Division of the Kafra Corp. in Comodo.

6. You can now start the Kafra Band Quest.

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