Christmas (2021)

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After 2020's Easter; Caroline, Abigail and Raisin went missing in action. What happened to them? Find out why they weren't around and help them to finally settle down.

How many old friends can you find?

How many cats will this event have? Who knows ~

Xmas2021 lutie.jpg

Additional Information

  • In order to know about the starting steps of the event, check your mailbox.
Xmas2021 mail.jpg
  • It is recommended to do this event without spoilers.
  • This event has interesting storylines, it is highly recommended not to skip NPC dialogs.
  • Only the hats tied to the main quest are Master Account bound.

Event Duration

  • From 2021-12-24
  • To <TBA>

Tying Bounds

Due to the Eclipse incident, the duo was sent to jail. Now it's time to re-tie broken bounds severed by fear.

Base Level: None
Item(s): (Optional) Costume Hats
(Optional) Music Box (Prontera)
Quest Reward(s): Christmas Suit
Music Box (White Xmas)
Banner Christmas 2021.jpg

Starting the Event

In order to find Caroline, head to Einbech field and check the factory.

Xmas2021 start.jpg


Abigail's aunt. She's caring and will do anything in her hands to help her beloved niece.

Optional Reward

Caroline will change the color of your previously owned Red Framed Glasses to black or back from black to red.

Headgear Ingredients NPC
Black Framed Glasses 1 Red Framed Glasses
2 Black Dyestuff
2 Counteragent
Red Framed Glasses 1 Black Framed Glasses
2 Scarlet Dyestuff
2 Counteragent


The time in jail didn't help her at all. What's in her mind now?


The lack of Eclipses forced Lunatics to protect themselves by any means. Raisin became the main support for these stranded bunnies. Now, he's doing all he can to get enough supplies to help them.

Red Stocking Shop

After collecting 30,000ml of Carrot Juice, Raisin opened a shop to thank the adventurers, and also to get his siblings warm!

Item Cost (Red Stockings)
Gift Box (Normal) 5
Gift Box (Colored) 6
Santa Bag 15
Music Box (see list below) 20
Antonio Santa Hat 100
Red Twin Pom Costume 100
Blue Twin Pom Costume 100

Getting an old Reward

If you weren't here back in 2019, it's your time to get Candy in Mouth Costume! Only 100 Red Stocking!

Note : Only one Candy in Mouth can be get per Master Account, so if you got it back in 2019, you won't be able to get a new one.

Alms, the Almoner

Alms is collecting money to help those in need! They need shelter, food and happiness!

The goal was reached, so go to this building and acquire the community reward.

Xmas2021 Alms.jpg

Optional Reward

Once you finish the delivery (going back to Porter), the following hats can be made once per Master Account.

Headgear Ingredients NPC
Snow Bear Hood Costume
The whole server needs
to raise 100,000,000z.

Strands in a Braid

Connecting People

Help Porter to achieve his dream of creating a better community. Meet interesting people that might reward you with either objects or information!

Tip: In order to find Porter, check your surroundings (a near place) for a bridge, big flowers and yoyos. You can also use the world map to check for other maps' minimaps.

Delivery list

Delivery Name Receiver Hint
Science Supplies Maronne Deliver these supplies to Maronne, who is currently near the Sphinx. You will know it's her once you meet her guardians.
Premium Delivery - Orc's Cargo Neaira Go to the southern area of Morocc and look for Neiara. I am sure you will find her easily.
Cave's Cargo Angelet Deliver this package to the forgotten Cave Village.
Concentrated Carrot Pulp Frideswide She's waiting for you at the Train Station in Einbech.
Medical Supplies Sanche Go to Einbech's Swordman Guild. If you don't know where it is, ask the Guard.
Radcliffe the Clown Radcliffe Do you know if Comodo has a place where you can treat your body? Maybe I should also make an appointment there.

Tip: If you can't find the cave, think about Crow of Destiny Quest.

Optional Reward

Once you finish the delivery (going back to Porter), the following hats can be made once per Master Account.

Headgear Ingredients NPC
Drooping Leaf Cat Costume
1 Black Cat Doll
100 Fluff
1 White Dyestuff
2 Cat's Eye
20 Huge Leaf
Smiling Mask Costume
1 Mr. Smile
20 Tongue


Meet Leikmaður, an artist who lost his way. Will he be able to relight his inner light?

  • Tip: If you don't know where he is, ask Caroline.
  • Tip 2: Check around the whole map if you can't find the house of a certain someone.

Optional Reward

You can talk to Ást and get your first Music Box, this one plays Prontera.

Xmas2021 musicbox.jpg

Spinning Gears


Porter's research and development knows no borders. As long as you tie enough knots, humanity will find a way to achieve what we once called a dream.

Introducing: The Music Box! Change your BGM on the go! Get one of our models and use it whenever you want! Visit Raisin's Shop to acquire them!

Available Options

  • Prontera Theme (Optional Reward)
  • Morocc Theme
  • Payon Theme
  • Geffen Theme
  • Aldebaran Theme
  • Niflheim Theme
  • Luoyang Theme
  • Umbala Field
  • White Xmas (Event Reward)

Teaser: Sideworld


Revisit old areas by exploring the Sideworld!

Somehow you ended up in past Morocc, however, this place is still unstable.

Currently, only one map can be visited. More maps will be added in future patches.

You will need special gear to be noticed by the people living there.

Xmas2021 unknown.jpg

Why, When and Where

Sometimes strong commitments can achieve incredible situations. Prove that you are worthy to the people of the unknown and acquire unique rewards.

You don't know where you are, or rather, when you are. Why is it like this? Why is everything so different? How can interact to those from the unknown?

Note: All the quests in Sideworld will be permanent and will be able to be done even after the event ends. The place of these NPC will be later moved to a new one inside Sideworld.

Current Quests

Headgear Ingredients NPC
Stardust Hairband Costume
2 Stellar
10 Rouge
30 Star Dust
100 Mane
100 Coral Reef
Sakura Hairband Costume
1 Wedding Bouquet
15 Star Dust
100 Brigan
100 Coral Reef
Twin Red Ribbons Costume
1 Golden Bell
2 Small Ribbon
20 Elastic Band
Laurel Wreath Costume
20 Aloe Leaflet
20 Hinalle Leaflet
30 Dead Branch
100 Soft Blade of Grass
100 Fig Leaf
100 Sharp Leaf
200 Resin
Flower Wreath Costume
1 Laurel Wreath
1 Illusion Flower
4 Fancy Flower
10 Witherless Rose
50 Bouquet
Marin Crown Costume
1 Laurel Wreath
1 Poring Hat
2 Cobaltblue Dyestuff
10 Witherless Rose
150 Large Jellopy
Emperor Wreath Costume
1 Laurel Wreath
1 Knife [4]
Shrine Maiden Ribbon Costume
3 Scarlet Dyestuff
100 Feather
100 Fabric
100 Soft Feather
Marketeer Hairband Costume
1 Hair Band
2 Counteragent
2 Mixture
100 Rainbow Shell