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What is a Master Account and why should I want one?

A Master Account is your main OriginsRO Account. Each person has one Master Account.

With your Master Account you can:

  • Access the Forum
  • Access your Control Panel to manage and create Game Accounts
  • Log in to the game
  • Edit pages in the wiki

Remember that you can register only one Master Account, but once you log in with that to the Control Panel, you can create as many Game Accounts as you want.

Where can I make a Master Account?

You can make one on the OriginsRO Forums.

What if I want to lend my character to my friend?

  • Do not give anyone your Master Account or Password!
  • Please refrain from doing this. They may be your "friend," however there is no telling what they can or will do with your information.
  • You will be held accountable for anything missing, lost, etc.

But, I can trust this person!

If you feel you can trust the person with your character, you can use our Guest Login System. This allows a person to login ONE of our in-game accounts, for a preset amount of time.

  • To do this, go to our Control Panel: http://cp.originsro.org/main/
  • From there, at the top of the screen, login to your Master Account.
  • On the left side, scroll down and you will see "Master Account" and click "My Account"
  • From here, you can select the Username and Enable Guest Access by giving this account a temporary password.

Guest access limitations.

The following actions cannot be performed while in guest mode:

  • Accessing Master Storage.
  • Assigning Skill Points.
  • Assigning Status Points.
  • Breaking Guilds.
  • Creating Guilds.
  • Deleting characters.
  • Renaming characters.

Where do I find the Stylist?

OriginsRO has its own Stylist located at the Tailor's Location in Bottom Left Prontera.

You can find it easily by clicking on the Tailor-Icon on the Mini-map at the bottom left side.

To create your desired cloth, hair style and color combination easily use our CP's Stylist Feature: http://cp.originsro.org/character/stylist/