Floating Rates Event

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Brave Warrior
Checking Location Prontera 146 195
Zeny Cost 50.000.000z
Duration 48 hours
Cooldown 14 days


In the middle of Prontera, an NPC called Brave Warrior, takes Zeny contributions from any player that wishes to. Once the serverwide goal has been reached, the experience rates of the server will become random, ranging from 5.1x Base/Job to 8x Base/Job, these will change on an hourly basis for the next 48 hours.

  • Example : From 4:00AM to 4:59AM the rates will become 5.5x/6.2x, then from 5:00AM to 5:59AM the rates will become 6.8x/7.5x, then changing again for the rest of the event.