Halloween (2021)

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Halloween 2021 will rerun both 2019 and 2020 events.

Additional Information

  • All the hats acquired from these events are Costume.
  • If you finished these events previously, you will still get their rewards.

Event Duration

  • From Monday 18 October 2021
  • To 7th November 2021 at 23:59 UTC+0

Chef Candycon's Jakks

Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Organic Pumpkin,
Non-organic Pumpkin
Item(s): (Repeatable) Halloween Box
Quest Reward(s): 5671.png Costume Drooping Morroc Minion

Banner Halloween.png

Main Quest

1. Speak to Suspicious Coffin in .

2. Trick and Treat will ask you to deliver Organic Pumpkin and Non-organic Pumpkin from Organic and Inorganic Jakks to Chef Candycon.

Note: Both Jakks spawn on many fields and dungeons.
3. In order to fullfil the delivery order, you will have to gather 30 points between Organic and Non-organic Pumpkins and deliver them to Chef Candycon in .
  • Organic Pumpkin is worth 3 points.
  • Non-organic Pumpkin is worth just 1 point.

4. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with 5671.png 1 Costume Drooping Morroc Minion.


Halloween Box

5. Once completed the first delivery, you will be able to keep delivering 30 points worth of pumpkins.

6. In exchange, you will be rewarded with Halloween Box every 30 points.

  • Note: Every time you open a box, you will get one item from Group A, and another from Group B.

Halloween Box Content
Group A
929.png 30 Immortal Heart 1061.png 30 Witch Starsand 713.png 30 Empty Bottle 970.png 30 Alcohol 972.png 30 Karvodailnirol
1059.png 30 Fabric 905.png 30 Stem 7033.png 30 Poison Spore 12016.png 5 Speed Potion 558.png 5 Chocolate
12414.png 5 Guarana Candy 608.png 5 Yggdrasil Seed 603.png 1 Old Blue Box 616.png 1 Old Card Album 617.png 1 Old Purple Box
Group B
579.png 15 Fresh Fish 578.png 15 Strawberry 656.png 5 Awakening Potion 657.png 5 Berserk Potion 7063.png 5 Soft Feather
985.png 5 Elunium 5788.png 1 3D Glasses 30000.png 1 Minstrel Hat 30002.png 1 Baseball Cap 5447.png 1 Frog Hat
30056.png 1 Poporing Cap 30124.png 1 Gangster Scarf (Very Rare - MA bound)

The Lost Manor

Base Level: None
Base Experience: 5,000,000 (Main Quest)
2,500,000 (Secret Sub-Quest)
Job Experience: 2,500,000 (Main Quest)
625,000 (Secret Sub-Quest)
Item(s): 30249.png Red Framed Glasses
30250.png Spare Card
Quest Reward(s): Experience and Costume hats (all once per Master Account)
Event Notice

Halloween 2020 banner.jpg

Original Event's Notice

A Lost Soul...

Halloween 2020 0.png

A young boy has been parted from his dear sister. Is there anyone that can help?
Go to to begin.

Secrets Untold...

Halloween 2020 1.png

The manor is full of mysterious puzzles.
Be courteous towards your fellow players and keep the answers a secret!

Deja vu?

There are six different endings to unlock.
Play through multiple times to see them all!

Hidden Treasures...

Halloween 2020 2.png

If you manage to uncover all of the hidden secrets of the mansion, you'll get a special reward. Are you up for the challenge...?


Starting the Event

1. Go to , talk to the Young Boy, and he will ask you "Will you help me?" then choose, Of course, then you will get ported to the next map...

Work in progress---

2. Walk northeast until you find the House.