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Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome.


Welcome to the OriginsRO Wiki. This is a community-run wiki for Origins Ragnarok Online.

OriginsRO is a non-profit Ragnarok Online server, striving to offer a classic Ragnarok Online gameplay, not corrupted by the recent, deal-breaking changes introduced by the Renewal system on the official servers (More info about OriginsRO).

Within this wiki, you can find information specific to Origins Ragnarok Online, which may slightly differ from the Official Servers. Even so, you may refer to iROwiki Classic ( for any info we're missing. Our wiki is also complemented by the OriginsRO Database and the ROratorio's CalcX Stat simulator until we get our own running.

All you need is to login with your Master Account to start editing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Wiki Index

OriginsRO Help

Ragnarok Online Basics


  • Levels - Basic introduction on how to level and EXP tables.
    • Experience - How EXP is calculated and modifiers.
  • Leveling Spots - Details on where to level at what level as what class/build.
  • Classes - Introduction to classes in Ragnarok Online.
  • Stats - In-depth view on how stats work in Ragnarok Online.
  • Skills - Shows skill usage and how they work.






  • Quests - Lists all available quests.
    • Access Quests - Table of restricted areas and the quests required to access them.
    • Quest Table - Easily sort through quests with experience rewards.
  • Instances - Special dungeons involving NPC-narrated quests.

Game Mechanics

  • Element - Shows relationship between magical elemental properties in the game.
  • Status Effects - Information on status debuffs in general and how they work.
  • Status Icons - Guide to the various screen icons.
  • Ore Refining - Information about Blacksmith's Ore Refining
  • Weapon Forging - Information about Blacksmith's Weapon Forging
  • Brewing - Information about Alchemist's Potion Creation.


Complete list of pages on the wiki

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