Master Storage Expansion

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Base Level: None
Zeny: Variable
Restrictions: Unable on Mondays
Quest Reward(s): Being able to expand your Master Storage.


The Kafra Main Headquarters is proudly announcing a new service that can be used by people from all over the world.

You are now able to increase the maximum number of slots in your Master Storage.

Since increasing the storage capabilities for everyone requires a lot more resources and work for the Headquarters, a fee needs to be paid to use this new service.

Master Storage Expansion

In Aldebaran, talk to the Katfra Employee , she is located within Kafra Headquarters, in northwest Aldebaran.
Civil Registry Outside.jpg CatfraNPC.png


The zeny fee will vary depending on your current limit.

Current Limit New Limit Zeny Cost
700 items 800 items 5,000,000 Zeny
800 items 900 items 10,000,000 Zeny
900 items 1000 items 20,000,000 Zeny


  • The newest recruit from the Kafra Headquarters is refusing to work on Mondays.
  • The current limit is 1000 slots, but the Headquarters have hinted at a possible extension of this limit in the far future.