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11. With [[Botany Quest]] completed and {{item|id=30062 A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants}} in hand, go back to '''Gerlod''' to complete this quest and receive your reward.
11. With [[Botany Quest]] completed and {{item|id=30062 A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants}} in hand, go back to '''Gerlod''' to complete this quest and receive your reward.
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Base Level: 1
Quest Corequisite(s): Botany Quest (step 10)
Base Experience: 2,250,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box

1. Start by visiting the Prontera Library, located at 192, 264, Prontera. It is right above the Weaponry shop.

Oriro 2017-06-16 15-31-38.png Oriro 2017-06-16 15-32-24.png

2. Talk to the Librarian. Ask about him. He will introduce himself as Professor Gerlod who specializes in book cataloging. He will ask you if you can help him return his book 'A guide to identifying midgardian vascular plants'.

  • 1. Select "You're looking worn out..."
  • 2. Then select "Maybe I could be of help finding it?" to proceed.

3. Miss Milford's house is located at 270, 96, Prontera. It is on the bottom right, near the old Swordsman Association.

Oriro 2017-06-16 19-45-16.png

4. Enter inside. You'll get a popup commenting about the house in its current condition.

Note: This is the part where players needs to check every book available and scribble it down, as you will need it later on.

  • 1. Check all the books, then the bed. You'll get a intuition that someone has been here very recently.
  • 2. Wait until night time in-game to meet Miss Milford. She is standing top right of the map, hidden from players camera angle. Talk to her and she will walk to the middle.

Oriro 2017-06-16 19-58-40.png

5. Talk to her again. Miss Milford will reveal herself to be Emarentiana Milford who ran away from her brother. Note down her name. Miss Milford gives you a hint to go to Geffen.

Oriro 2017-06-16 20-16-43.png

6. Teleport to Geffen and go to the pub which is located at 136, 136. Talk to the woman on the right side. The Smart Looking Woman tells about her friend that left the pub and went to Geffen Tower to get a job.

Oriro 2017-06-16 20-21-05.png

7. Talk to the Lost Man on the third floor inside the tower. He will ask for your name (any inputs is fine) and asks you to tell his.

  • 1. Write 'Bartholomaeus Milford'. Bartholomaeus then asks where he is.
  • 2. Type 'Geffen Tower', he questions where he could find the people responsible for books and such.
  • 3. Type 'up' or 'upstairs'. Agreeing that it makes sense, he asks what you're looking for.
  • 4. Write 'A book' followed by 'A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants'. Bartholomaeus asks who told you about it.
  • 5. Answer 'Emarentiana Milford'. He remembers that he has a sister and promptly nudges you to give him the author of the book.
  • 6. Write Ralf Lesia. All of his memories came flooding back, only for him to recall having lost the book in Geffen's magic shop.

Oriro 2017-06-16 20-36-28.png

8. Talk to Binding Woman. Tell her you want to fetch a book. Bookbinder will inform you that 'A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants' was bought by an elderly lady somewhere in Al De Baran.

Oriro 2017-06-16 20-53-34.png

9. She is in Al De Baran 174, 117. Type "You have a book that is mine.", then, in capslock: 'A GUIDE TO IDENTIFYING MIDGARDIAN VASCULAR PLANTS'. Lady Mayfair says it's the right thing to return the book to its owner, but she borrowed a book to a friend of hers in Lutie.

Oriro 2017-06-16 21-01-56.png

9. In Lutie, 210, 130 is where Mayfair's friend lives. Examine the windows, then enter the portal.

Note: This is a pure RNG chance. You will either:

  • A) Knock on the door, but nobody answered.
  • B) The man answers, but tells you to go away.
  • C) He tells you about the Alchemist in Al De Baran (needed to progress the quest).
'Greetings from Maryan!'
'Maryan told me you had her botany book...'
It turns out that Mario had lost a poker game to a very suspicious Alchemist in Al De Baran. 

Note: If he tells you to go away at any point in the dialogue, simply re-enter the portal to try again.

Oriro 2017-06-19 00-21-43.png

10. Travel to the Alchemist Guild. Once inside, go down the stairs and go left. Talk to the Shady Alchemist.

  • They will ask you to gamble. Refuse and say that she has a book that belongs to the Prontera Library.
  • Nicholas intercepts the Alchemist's plan and tells her to return the book to you immediately. Unfortunately, a man ran off with it.
  • Shady Alchemist gives you a few hints:
  • That the man is researching jungle forest in the wilderness
  • His base is near south Umbala field not far from the town.

Note: In order to progress to last step of Missing Book Quest, the player must complete Botany Quest to retrieve 30062.png A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants.

11. With Botany Quest completed and A Guide To Identifying Midgardian Vascular Plants in hand, go back to Gerlod to complete this quest and receive your reward.

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