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*All the monsters in {{map |id= mag_dun01 Magma Dungeon F1}}
*All the monsters in {{map |id= mag_dun01 Magma Dungeon F1}}
*All the monsters in {{map |id= mag_dun02 Magma Dungeon F2}}
*All the monsters in {{map |id= mag_dun02 Magma Dungeon F2}}
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Monster of the Day
Checking Location Prontera 158 192
Checking Command @expmission


Every day at midnight (use @time to know server's time), one monster will be chosen at random under certain criteria. This monster will grant double experience for the rest of the day. The respective monster sprite will replace the old one in middle Prontera for players to see.

  • Every time a new monster is chosen, it will be announced for everyone to see.
  • Upon login, a message in your chat will announce the current Monster of the Day.

Choosing Criteria

In order to be picked, the monster must fill the following criteria:

  • Hasn't been chosen in the last 7 days as Monster of the Day
  • Don't be in the ban list.
  • Don't be a boss monster.
  • Provide more than 1.000 points of experience.
  • Have more than 15 spawns on any map.
  • Have their spawns on more maps than just:
    • jupe_core
    • gld_dun01
    • gld_dun02
    • gld_dun03
    • gld_dun04

Banned Monsters

Some monsters were taken from the list due to conflicts:

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