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Parties are small groups of players (maximum of 12) for the purpose of easier leveling and companionship.

To create a party, use the /organize "Name" command. You must have the Novice Basic Skill level 7 to create a party. Players can join a party at any level. The person who creates the party becomes the Party Leader. The Party Leader can invite people to the party using the /invite command (Usage: /invite "Name>") or by right-clicking on them.

  • If the character's name has a space (EX: Ramza Beoulve), you can use /invite Ramza to invite them. Keep in mind if someone else has a similar name, this way may not work properly.

Setup Options

Item Setup

  • Each Take - Items can be picked up first by the person that killed the monster.
  • Party Share - Items can be equally picked up by all party members.
  • Individual - Items picked up go to the person that picked it up.
  • Shared - Items picked up randomly go to one of the party members.

Experience Setup

Experience setup can be changed at any time (as long as the party leader is on and all online members are within 10 Base Levels).

  • Each Take - Party members only gain EXP according to the percentage of damage done to monsters.
  • Even Share - Party members share EXP. I.E if a Wizard is sharing with a Priest and Monk, the experience gained by the monsters killed by all three will be equally distributed between the three of them. Only people within 10 Base Levels of each other can share (Example: Level 91, Level 89, Level 98 could share with each other).

Sharing Experience in oRO

  • Shared EXP increases by 10% for each additional player who has either dealt OR received damage or non-damage skills from monsters.
    • Regardless whether the player is a party member or not, the tap bonus will add its EXP to the monster.
    • This effect is commonly referred to as "tap".
  • Parties that don't have multiple accounts being used by a Master Account in the same map, will get an additional EXP bonus of 20% per character in the party.
Characters Total EXP Per Person
2 120% 60%
3 140% 47%
4 160% 40%
5 180% 36%
6 200% 33%
7 220% 31%
8 240% 30%
9 260% 29%
10 280% 28%
11 300% 27%
12 320% 27%

Search System

Making a Listing

  1. Use the "/recruit" command to bring up the party booking creation window.
  2. Choose desired classes, level, leveling area and roles. A maximum of 6 different classes can be selected at once.
  3. After hitting OK, a new "Searching" window will appear. To modify your listing, hit the modify button.
  4. Once you are finished putting together your party, hit the cancel button to close the listing.

Finding a Party

  1. Click on the "Booking" button underneath the character infobox or use the "/booking" command.
  2. Input desired parameters and hit "Search".
  3. A list of available parties will appear, and you can contact the person who created the listing.

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