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The purpose of this page is to assist players in finding quests of interest to them.

  • Note: Repeatable EXP Quests are not available on OriginsRO.
  • Note: This page does not list every variable involved with each quest. For more information on a particular quest (prerequisite quests, item requirements, item rewards, etc.) please visit that quest's article.
  • Note: Quest EXP can be wasted. Look here for more information on how exp rewards work.

Quests marked with Red means the quest is yet to be implemented on OriginsRO. Green means the quest is available and can be completed.

Quest Base Level Requirement Job Level Requirement Base EXP Reward[1][2] Job EXP Reward Party Requirement[3] Approx. Difficulty Repeatable
Alfheim Perfume 70 None None 700,000 None Easy 18 Hour Cooldown
Amatsu Dungeon Entrance Quest None None 500,000 300,000 None Easy No
Attitude to the New World 70 None 2,500,000 None Recommended Medium-Hard No
Biological Weapon Quest 60 None 1,200,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Bradium Collection 70 None 40,000 40,000 None Easy-Medium 24 Hour Cooldown
Bruspetti Quest 50 None Varies None None Easy-Medium No
Collecting Draco Eggs 70 None 40,000 40,000 None Easy-Medium 24 Hour Cooldown
Continental Guard Quest 80 None 2,000,000 None 2 Players Very Hard No
Crow of Destiny Quest 60 None 900,000 900,000 None Medium No
Curse of Gaebolg (Founding of the Nation Myth Quest) 60 None 1,600,000 None None Medium No
Cursed Spirit Quest 60 None 800,000+ 300,000+ Recommended Medium-Hard No
Doctor Quest 40 None N/A None None Easy No
Einbroch Murder Quest None None 100,000+ 80,000+ None Easy No
Eye of Hellion Quest 60 None 1,000,000+ None None Medium No
Factory Quest None None Varies None None Easy No
Finding a Fairy 70 None 1,400,000 None None Easy No
Finding The Moving Island Quest None None Varies None None Medium No
Footprint Quest None None 9,000+ None None Easy No
Friendship Quest 50 None 400,000+ None None Easy No
Geffen Bard Quest None None Varies None None Easy No
Guardian of Yggdrasil 70 None 1,500,000 35,000 2 Players Very Hard Instance Portion
Heart Fragment Quest 60 None 700,000 400,000 None Easy No
Help Mikhail Quest None None 1,000,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Help Mr, Zabaroo Quest None None 300,000 None None Easy No
Hide n' Seek Quest 50 None 50,000 None None Easy No
How the Airship Works Quest 60 None 200,000 10,000 None Easy No
Hugel Cow Milking 50 None 100,000 None None Easy No
Hugel Memory Quest 50 None 50,000 None None Medium No
Ice Necklace Quest None None 700,000 None None Medium No
Juno Remedy Quest 60 None 900,000 600,000 5 Players Easy No
Juperos Ruins History Quest N/A None 400,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Kiel Hyre Quest 70 None 1,700,000 None Recommended Hard No
Koschei the Immortal 60 None 1,000,000 None None Medium No
Laphine Craftsman 70 None 30,000 30,000 None Medium 24 Hour Cooldown
Lost Child Quest 60 None 900,000 None None Easy No
Lovers Quest None None Varies None None Easy No
Manuk's Monster Suppression 70 None 500,000 300,000 None Easy No
Medicine Quest 50 None 50,000 None None Easy No
Midgard Ore 70 None None 700,000 None Medium 18 Hour Cooldown
Nameless Island Entrance Quest 80 None 1,500,000 None Recommended Medium-Hard No
New Surroundings 70 None 1,000,000 100,000 Recommended Medium No
Odin's Temple Excavation Quest 60 None 700,000 None Recommended Medium-Hard No
Onward to the New World Quest 70 None 1,320,000 420,000 Recommended Easy-Medium No
Part Time Job 70 None Varies Varies None Easy-Medium No
Party Relay Quest 40 None 850,000 None 5 Players (One of each Base class) Medium-Hard No
Peace for Arunafeltz Quest 60 None 2,500,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Poison King Quest 40 None Varies None None Easy-Medium No
President Quest 60 None 1,800,000 None None Hard No
Pursuing Rayan Moore 70 None 1,200,000 200,000 None Medium No
Rachel Sanctuary Quest 60 None 1,100,000 600,000 None Medium No
Rebellion Quest N/A None 2,000,000 None Recommended Medium-Hard No
Report from the New World 70 None 2,500,000 None None Medium No
Ring of the Wise King 70 None 1,000,000 300,000 None Medium-Hard No
Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest) 70 None 1,400,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Sign Quest 50 None 500,000+ None Recommended Very Hard No
Spy Quest 48 None 600,000 None None Easy-Medium No
Successor to the Throne Quest 80 None Varies None None Easy No
Thor Volcano Base Quest 60 None 1,000,000 None Recommended Hard No
Thor Volcano Level 2 Access Quest 60 None 100,000 75,000 None Easy No
Tripatriate Union's Feud 70 None 300,000 100,000 None Easy No
Two Tribes 70 None 1,200,000 100,000 None Medium-Hard No
Unlucky Emerald Quest N/A None Varies None 2 Players Medium-Hard No
Veins Siblings Quest 60 None 1,000,000 700,000 Recommended[4] Hard No
Z-Gang Quest 70 None 1,000,000 None None Hard No
  1. Values with a + afterwards indicate the reward varies by level
  2. "Varies" indicates reward varies by level. See that quest's article for more information
  3. Includes the Player
  4. Unless you have done Thor Volcano 2 Access Quest

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