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:[[File:Skin Clinic-Moretti.jpg|250px]]
:[[File:Skin Clinic-Moretti.jpg|250px]]
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Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 1768.png 1 Sleep Arrow,

710.png 1 Illusion Flower,
7041.png 3 Fine Grit,
1001.png 30 Star Dust,
938.png 30 Sticky Mucus,
7222.png 5 Wooden Gnarl,
7111.png 1 Slick Paper,
1024.png 1 Squid Ink,
907.png 10 Resin

Quest Reward(s): The ability to change the skin color of your character for 1,000,000z

Note: click the coordinates to copy them, and paste them into the game chat to be directed to the location.

1. Start the quest by talking to Eddie, who resides in . He will tell you to find a girl named Marie.

Location of Eddie
SkinClinic Morocc NPC Eddie.png

2. Marie will ask you to give a package to Eddie, so he can give it to someone named Louie.

Location of Marie
SkinClinic Alberta NPC Marie.png

3. Eddie doesn't want to help, so Marie and you must find a way to bribe him into deliver the package himself. This will take several steps.

4. After successfully bribing Eddie, he expresses that he wants to be left alone. Apparently he is waiting for someone to show up.

5. Marie wishes to speak with you in private inside .

Location of the Izlude Weapon Shop
SkinClinic IzludeIn SmallCrack.png

6. Upon arriving to the place, you find a message; Marie went to Morroc to find Louie.

7. Travel to . Louie will request you the following items:

Location of Louie's Place
SkinClinic MoroccIn NPC Louie.png

1768.png 1 Sleep Arrow
710.png 1 Illusion Flower
7041.png 3 Fine Grit
1001.png 30 Star Dust
938.png 30 Sticky Mucus

8. After bringing him the items, Louie will send you to a pirate named Syd. He can be found in .

Location of Syd
SkinClinic GeffenField01 NPC Syd.png

9. Syd will give you a vague riddle about his next location.

  • "Inbetween two trees while looking at the Ocean."

10. There you will find a buried note that reads that you can find the treasure at the southern side of Payon.

Location of the Buried Item
SkinClinic PronteraField03 BuriedItem.png

  • "Remember, we ain't landlubbers."

11. You will find another note at .

Location of the Buried Item
SkinClinic PayonField03 BuriedItem.png

12. According to the note, a treasure is hidden on the border between Morroc and Payon.

Visit . You will find the Buried Item but nothing useful.

Location of the Buried Item
SkinClinic PayonField04 BuriedItem.png

13. Go back to Geffen, you find a small treasure chest in . Bring it back to Syd.

Location of the Buried Item
SkinClinic GeffenField00 BuriedItem.png

14. After that, go back to Louie, it will now direct you to a person called Ricci. He is also located in Morroc.

15. A suspicious young man will ask you to find Tony.

Location of the Suspicious Youn Man
SkinClinic Morocc NPC SuspiciousYoungMan Ricci.png

16. He can be found inside Geffen's Inn . Tony will tell you to go back to Ricci. Who will interview you.

Location of the Geffen Inn
SkinClinic Geffen NPC Tony.png

Ricci's answers:

  • Huh, who are you?
  • I'm lost
  • To test if I can hide a secret

17. Ricci will tell you to retrace your steps back to Tony, as if she was testing you.

18. Tony will mention that one of Syd's men knows the location of a certain secret lab.

19. Tony will ask for the following items:

7222.png 5 Wooden Gnarl
7111.png 1 Slick Paper
1024.png 1 Squid Ink
907.png 10 Resin

20. Later, You will receive the following password: Goblet of Rum.

21. Go see Nigel . He will ask if you want to go to the secret lab.

Location of Nigel
SkinClinic Alberta NPC Nigel.png

22. Upon accepting, he will take you to the cave entrance of the lab. Walk to the bottom right part of the cave, there you will find the lab.

Skin Clinic-Cave.jpg

23. You will find several NPCs in the lab; Moretti will change your skin color for a fee of 1,000,000z.

Skin Clinic-Moretti.jpg
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