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Job Base: Thief
Job Type: 2-1
Changes At: Sograt Desert 16
Number of Skills: 10
Total Skill Points: 85
Total Quest Skills: 2
Job Bonuses
+6 +10 +2 +4 +8 +0



Assassins strike from the shadows, quickly dispatching their enemies. They're capable of dealing massive amounts of damage with Sonic Blow and taking on groups of opponents from stealth with Grimtooth. With bonus FLEE and speed from Improve Dodge, an Assassin can dance around most opponents and aggro mobs of monsters for their party. It is also the only class capable of dual-wielding and using Katar type weapons. Katars double an Assassin's CRIT rate, allowing them to achieve guaranteed Critical strikes on every attack should they spec or gear for it. Last and very least, Assassins specialize in poison skills, but they are incredibly lackluster and not recommendable to anyone outside of the potential fun factor.

Job Change Guide

See Assassin Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into an Assassin from a Thief requires the player to complete a number of tasks at the Assassin's Guild in (two maps south and two maps east of Morocc):
  • A Written Test
  • An Assassination Test
  • An Endurance Test
  • A Maze test

Make sure to get the Venom Knife quest skill as soon as the test is finished.


Note: Most PvM Assassin builds are very similar, so any can function as another given the right equipment (the most notable difference being lower HIT of CRIT/SB vs. DD). Also, builds are always subjective and by no means is this guide the final arbiter on stat distribution; learn from the community and through personal experience. Since it's such a flexible/samey class, don't be afraid to put more/less in a stat than recommended if it suits a preferences or leveling location. The main unifying stat for every Assassin is STR, but everything else is variable (except VIT, never invest in it for PvM).

ROratorio's CalcX is currently the best build/damage calculator for oRO, but be mindful that the damage calculations are not exact. Assume ~5% margin of error. It's important to use this to determine the one-hit capability of Sonic Blow, as well as final CRIT rating.

Note on Stats: Some stats are presented as "total"s (including buffs, gear, pets, and Job bonuses) because they give certain bounuses at specific increments.

  • STR - Significant melee ATK bonuses at increments of 10.
  • INT - SP Regen +1 at increments of 6.
  • LUK - Perfect Dodge +1 and a clean CRIT +3 at increments of 10.

Most Assassins will get the same skills, since the poison related ones are relatively useless.

Enemies with a weakness to the Poison element will have a bigger weakness to another element, so the Enchant Poison points could be spent on Thief skills instead (Hide or Steal, as Envenom is similarly weak).

Sonic Blow

Recommended for players who - are newer to the server and/or not wanting to invest a lot in gear upfront; are willing to multi-client with at least a Soul Linker; are willing to sit, use an Inn, or purchase consumables to replenish SP.

  • STR: 100/110/120 total
  • AGI: 70-90
  • VIT: 1
  • INT: 1 or 12/18/24/30/36/42/48 total
  • DEX: 15-30
  • LUK: 1

The namesake skill is this build's primary method of killing, but Grimtooth is sometimes also used on maps with high monster density. With Assassin Spirit (double Sonic Blow damage), this build can now level incredibly fast with much less investment than other builds (notably at Bio2).

STR vs. AGI - STR is the most important stat, and should be increased ahead of AGI to achieve one-hit kills with Sonic Blow ASAP. Depending on the choice of leveling area, STR should be ~80/90/100 total before investing in AGI. FLEE is less important when an enemy can be obliterated instantly, and Fly Wing can be used to escape as soon as the animation for SB starts (SB damage will still happen). Cloaking can be used during the animation once the 2 second cast delay ends.

INT - More INT means less downtime to recover SP, so the higher end is recommended, especially for those with less funds for SP gear and consumables.

DEX - Sonic Acceleration adds a significant amount of HIT when using SB, which is why DEX can be low. And HIT will naturally rise as levels are gained. Be sure to note the FLEE rate of the preferred enemies to level on and calculate stats accordingly.

Support Characters - Having a Soul Linker slave to cast Assassin Spirit is highly recommended, and necessary for one-hitting on higher level maps. A Priest can provide the usual buffs and drastically increase SP recovery with Magnificat. An Endow Sage will help achieve staggering levels of damage in tandem with Assassin Spirit (easily ~10k+).

If Grimtooth is going to be used over SB a lot, INT is less important, and AGI (ASPD, FLEE) and DEX (HIT) should be on the higher end.

  • Gear: SP / STR / ATK enhancing cards and equipment. Katar-type weapon.
  • Cost: Cheapest of the builds.


Recommended for players who - have funds for equipment or are willing to invest a lot in LUK; want to level/farm on high DEF monsters; prefer auto-attack play style; don't like multi-clienting and/or want to play solo; hate needing to replenish SP.

Note on Double Attack (from 4117.png Sidewinder Card): DA chance is rolled before CRIT chance. DA cannot also be a CRIT.

Since CRITs ignore armor and always hit, the power of this build is most notable when facing enemies with high DEF and/or (to a lesser extent) FLEE. The primary goal is to get CRIT rate to very high or 100+ (ideally ~110 since enemy LUK will reduce CRIT chance), but don't invest in LUK as a Thief. Remember that Katars double CRIT chance.

STR vs. AGI - These can be raised in tandem, with a preference toward reaching base 90 AGI for 2620.png Rogue's Treasure (the best accessory for CRIT Assassins), should that be used.

DEX - HIT will be entirely unnecessary once a high enough CRIT rate is achieved, so in the end DEX will only be useful to shrink your damage range (negligible). Ideally it would be kept low. However, such low HIT can limit leveling locations for a Thief and early Assassin (Metalings are a great compromise for this). If this is frustrating, DEX can be raised to suit a specific HIT need, or if a high CRIT rate isn't feasible (don't forget Double Attack gives passive +10 HIT).

LUK - Investment in LUK will vary wildly depending on available funds for equipment. 100+ CRIT rate is possible to achieve with little to no LUK and the right gear, but most builds will be in the range of 20-50. Also, having higher LUK can free up weapon slots for better damage cards.

Support Characters - This build plays well solo, but the usual Priest and Endow Sage will always help. And if one is necessary/available, a Dancer can use Lady Luck to round out CRIT rate.

An alternative build option is to focus on average DPS (some people believe 100% CRIT is overrated), using a 1264.png Specialty Jur [4] with 4117.png Sidewinder Card and 2 / 1 Racial / Elemental damage cards. This build would likely have 1 LUK, and instead increase DEX. Two 2620.png Rogue's Treasures would raise the CRIT rate by 40 on their own. While this would have a better overall damage output with Double Attack, it is weaker to high DEF enemies.

  • Gear: CRIT / STR / ATK / AGI / LUK / FLEE enhancing cards and equipment. Katar-type weapon.
  • Cost: Expensive, but can be supplemented with high LUK.

Dual Dagger

Recommended for players who - have a large reserve of Zeny to invest in daggers; prefer auto-attack play style; don't like multi-clienting and/or want to play solo; hate needing to replenish SP.

When properly equipped, these Assassins can reach the highest DPS of the three builds. They're simple to build and play, but require a significant Zeny investment to be worth making.

STR vs. AGI - These can be raised in tandem, with a preference for STR. Although meeting the FLEE threshold of a map first will be more important if you don't have support characters and/or don't want to use HP consumables.

DEX - Unlike the other two builds, this Assassin actually needs HIT to hit things. Be sure to note the HIT requirements of the enemies you wish to level on.

Dual-Wielding Mechanics

Each attack treated as a single event, even though it shows two different damages. This means the effects of your daggers are combined (e.g. weapon element and cards).

Note on Dagger Interface

Optimal Dagger Set-up

1222.png Elemental Damascus / 1220.png Gladius [3] with 3 Size damage cards and Endow / DEF scaling or piercing dagger in the right hand, and a 1208.png Main Gauche [4] with 2 Racial damage cards and 2 Elemental damage cards in the left.

  • Gear: STR / ATK / AGI / FLEE enhancing cards and equipment. Dual wielded Daggers.
  • Cost: Very expensive.


Note: as of May 2020, PvP on oRO is usually dead, and Assassins don't play well into the current WoE meta. It's recommended to use a PvM build to transcend as quickly as possible.


Note on Cards: Percent damage increase cards (Race/Element/Size) are additive with the same type of card (e.g. 2 Element damage cards is 20%+20%=40%) but multiplicative with different types of cards (e.g. 1 Element card and 1 Race card is 20%x20%=44%. So having variation of card types is better than using only the same type.

Note on Costumes: if you like the way an item looks but have better gear, you may be able to turn it into a cosmetic item.

Note on Headgear: some items don't drop from monsters and are only obtained by completing quests.

Sonic Blow









example Katar builds







Dual Dagger


right hand

left hand

Universal Gear



















Card Sets

Sets are generally not recommended since they limit gear versatility and cannot be used for most other classes. However, they are still useful should one choose to invest in them.

Thief Set





Set Bonus - STR +5, AGI +5. ASPD +5%. Movement Speed +25%. Removes the chance of using Snatch. Removes SP drain when attacking. Certain skills require one less Gemstone.

Class Data


See Thief Skills for first class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Cloaking.png Cloaking
Allows the character to disappear instantaneously and still move. Movement Speed is dependent on skill level. 10 Active
Enchant Poison.png Enchant Poison
Imbues the characters weapon with the Poison element causing each attack to be Poison element damage and to have a chance to inflict the Poison status. 10 Active
Grimtooth.png Grimtooth
An attack using a katar that hits a 3x3 area from up to 7 cells away while Hidden. 5 Offensive
Katar Mastery.png Katar Mastery
Increases the damage done with Katar weapons by up to 30. 10 Passive
Righthand Mastery.png Righthand Mastery
Recovers up to 100% of the dual wielding damage penalty for the right hand. 5 Passive
Lefthand Mastery.png Lefthand Mastery
Recovers up to 80% of the dual weilding damage penalty for the left hand. 5 Passive
Poison React.png Poison React
Counters a Poison element attack with a one time physical attack for up to 400% damage. Also has a chance to counter non-Poison element attacks with level 5 Envenom up to 5 times. 10 Offensive
Sonic Blow.png Sonic Blow
Deal up to 800% physical damage with a Katar weapon with up to a 30% chance to Stun the target. 10 Offensive
Venom Dust.png Venom Dust
Use a Red Gemstone to create a 2x2 Poison cloud for up to 50 seconds. 10 Active
Venom Splasher.png Venom Splasher
Use a Red Gemstone to turn the target into a "Poison Bomb" to deal up to 1000% damage after a delay. 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Sonic Acceleration.png Sonic Acceleration
Increases damage and hit rate of Sonic Blow. 1 Passive 40 Sonic Acceleration Quest
Venom Knife.png Venom Knife
Throws a venom knife at a target and inflict the poison status ailment. 1 Offensive None Venom Knife Quest

Soul Link

See Assassin Spirit

Job Bonus

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
STR 11 25 27 32 45 48
AGI 1 2 3 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
VIT 6 8
INT 4 14 38 42
DEX 9 24 30 31 40 41 46 50


Dual Wielding Interface

In the equipment window (ALT+Q) the righthand weapon is in the left column, next to the sprite's right hand, and the lefthand weapon is in the right column, next to the sprite's left hand. If the character has no weapons or shields equipped, then the first single-handed weapon equipped goes into the right hand. If any weapon is in the right hand (including a Katar) then the next single-handed weapon equipped goes onto the left hand. This means that if you have a Katar equipped, the first single-handed weapon you equip goes onto the left hand (also un-equipping the Katar) and the second one goes onto the right hand, while if you start out empty handed the first equipped goes onto the right hand and the second onto the left hand.

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