Clarifications on Changes and Deviations for New and Old Players

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This page list the changes made by the Staff Team to oRO server mechanics and database, and the deviations this server has from other Classic/Pre-Renewal servers.

Why does the server deviate from official servers?

First of all, it is important to address the fact that there is no such thing as "what it was like in official servers", because there was no consensus among them. Gravity gave them some freedom to do as they please, and to introduce new towns in a different order, especially during the global project. Also, some changes are introduced out of order. Why? It is important to establish that there is progression, and there are balance changes. We try to introduce all balance changes, and save the actual progression for new episodes. This is why you can use Cloaking away from walls. That was meant to balance the skill, not to be new content. Add to that the fact that it is often very hard to find information on the state of official servers at that time, and to decide what was meant to fix a bug, balance the game, or properly add new content.
Mathy, Game Master

Drop changes

Great Nature

Drop from Sleeper changed from 100% to 50%.

Royal Jelly

Drop from Enchanted Peach Tree changed from 50% to 20%.


One of the praises we get on RMS is that, while our economy is far from being comparable to that of huge servers, it has reasonable prices on items. RO has an inherent inflation problem, because anyone can introduce zeny into the economy by selling stuff to NPCs, and we try our best to offer ways to sink that zeny. But still, sometimes we have to cut it at the source.
Mathy, Game Master

Item changes

Assassin Dagger

"Maximum SP + 15% and Maximum HP + 20%" bonus are replaced in this episode, with the following original bonus: "SP + 30".


The fact that Assassin Dagger is in oRO at all only came to our attention fairly recently. The few staff members that do participate in War of Emperium never thought that it wasn't meant to be around. The fact that it is only dropped by Osiris and Eremes Guile MVP indicated to us that it was an item meant for after trans, introduced with Biolabs, and then also added to Osiris. However, old guides and Aegis leaks that we found indicated that it was around in pre-trans, but with the stats that we set it to have now.
Mathy, Game Master

Censor Bar

Its effects ("Curse resistance +5%, MDEF +1, HIT -5") are deactivated in the current episode.


This item is implemented with the Lighthalzen episode and was introduced by mistake at Server Launch. Since we don't mind it's visual usage, we removed its effects until it's officially implemented.
Mathy, Game Master

Frog Hat

The damage bonus ("Increases physical and magical damage againts Insect monster by 12%") was removed.


The item is part of Renewal and was introduced by mistake at Server Launch. Since we don't mind it's visual usage, we removed its bonus.
Kreuzbube, Developer

Ice Pick

Not implemented yet.


Ice Pick was probably added with the God Items around Heritage.
Mathy, Game Master

Old Card Album

This item doesn't give cards from the Poring-Family Bosses (Angeling, Arc Angeling, Deviling, Ghostring, Mastering).


Those cards were removed from the Old Card Album in official servers around mid-2008, before Renewal, and are thus seen as balance changes to pre-RE era.
Haru, Admin

Orc Archer Bow

Not implemented yet.


We think this weapon is too strong for the current episode. But it will be implemented in the future.
Mathy, Game Master


SP heal changed from 16~28 to 10~15.


Strawberries shouldn't drop from Wolves in the current episode. Instead of removing the item, we nerfed its SP heal to be equal to Grapes.
Mathy, Game Master

Map deviations


Only implemented between Juno and Einbroch. Izlude is currently missing.


There are two airships: the domestic, wich covers some cities within Schwartzwald, and the international, wich covers Arunafeltz, Schwartzwald and Rune-Midgarts. The international one (which includes Izlude) belongs to a future episode.
Mathy, Game Master

Guild Dungeon Access

Refer to Guild Dungeon Access for complete entry.

Non-contested castles' dungeons can be accessed by paying a 200,000z fee.


We enabled access to those maps to allow them to be farmed on, even when their realms are off. And also, to have more PvP action, as a by-product.
Mathy, Game Master

Name changes

Old Name New Name
Abyssmal Knight Abyssal Knight
Anacondaq Anaconda
Andre cards Ant cards (Ant Egg, Ant Larva, Ant, Soldier Ant)
Arc Angeling, ArcAngeling Archangeling
Deleter variants Earth Deleter and Sky Deleter
Dispell Dispel
Fireblend Firebrand
Hatii Hati
Kapha Kappa
Louyang Luoyang
Majoruros Majouros
Minorous Minouros
Morocc Morroc
Mysteltainn Mistilteinn
Nifflheim Niflheim
Ogretooth Tyrfing
Peco Peco, PecoPeco Pecopeco
Petite variants Earth Petite and Sky Petite
Picky variant with an eggshell Eggshell Picky
Rachel Rael
Seal Fur Seal
Whisper variant that doesn't drop a card Mutter
Moskovia mobsCU Correct Russian namesCU


We look into the mythos behind RO, and fix what was broken in translation. For instance, "Hatii" doesn't exist. kRO had a "Hāti", which was named after the wolf "Hati". Then jRO wrongly added it as "Hatī", and iRO correctly adapted that made-up name into Hatii. We follow the correct name, which is "Hati" or "Mánagarm" (and not simply "Garm", which is another wolf). Also, Moskovia maps and mobs have been fixed to match the correct Russian names. Thanks Adela for the help! Obvious typos and other minor mistakes have also been fixed. There is no such thing as "Dispell" in the English language, the correct word is "Dispel". "Kapha" was actually meant to be "Kappa". City names follow the ones in the original manhwa. Ragnarok Online Wiki gives some insight on what the original idea behind the name was. For instance, "Rachel" was actually meant to be "Rael", and "Luoyang" is simply fixing the misspelling that created "Louyang", which has a different meaning. "Fireblend" doesn't exist. It's obviously meant to be the item "Firebrand", available in many games, and present in the dictionary.
Mathy, Game Master

War of Emperium deviations


During WoE, only TWO castle are active (the active castles are chosen at the beginning of every month by a rotation algorithm).


Official servers have about 20 castles open each WoE, but we obviously can't have that many (or they'd be too easy). We had to set the limit somewhere from 0 to that amount. Originally, it used to be 1 castle, but there was demand for more so we increased it to 2. The ideal number of castles given a population is a subjective thing and we don't have a formula to determine that number.
Mathy, Game Master


Not possible in WoE.


We restrict the number of clients to one per person/Master Account to avoid that the guilds that hold a castle have an unfair advantage (for example, by keeping spare characters in the emp room that they can use when one dies, or having multiple Loki's Veil couples without anyone actually playing them).
Haru, Admin

Costume Hats

In WoE maps, costume hats won't work.


Information is important, this is why we think it's necessary to know whether your enemy is wearing an ATK or reduction gear.
Aloe, Game Master

Mechanics deviations

Monster aggro AI

As soon as monsters miss aggro (because of hiding for example), they will try to split, so that there won't be 2 or more monsters on one cell (official behavior).


If this behavior wouldn't be like this, places like bio3 and other places would have big possibilities of exploiting the way Monsters stack on one cell. It also doesn't only affect monsters but also other entities in the game, meaning that in general, if a cell is occupied, it shouldn't be possible to move there normally (let's not talk about Backsliding here). In general, we ourselves would enjoy it if we could walk to any cell, even if occupied, but there are just too many possible exploits of it, so we decided that it's better to keep this mechanism how it is at the moment. Also we don't exactly know how Aegis (Official Server Software for Ragnarok) behaved back then, but we are trying to get a version of Aegis that gives us more insight on that, so that we can copy the original behavior.
Kreuzbube, Developer

Party EXP improvements

Parties with members from different Master Accounts (meaning nobody in the party is "multi-clienting") get an additional EXP bonus, depending on the party size.


This is a custom feature of oRO, to encourage "legit" parties.
Mathy, Game Master

Same sex marriage

Custom oRO feature that allows marrying 2 characters of the same sex.


I personally think that restricting same sex marriage was a way for publishers to stay away from the aims of certain parents, at the time RO was released.
Mathy, Game Master

Skill changes

Blast Mine and Claymore Trap

The "Number of stacked monsters" was removed from the damage formula (it's no longer multiplied by that).


This is an official bug fix, made by Gravity.
Mathy, Game Master

Grand Cross

Cast time increased from 2 seconds to 3 seconds (official behavior).


A very good question is how it ended up as 2 seconds. It was always 3 seconds in pre-RE. The mistake was introduced in the emulator by someone else, and we fixed it. We are actually quite disappointed that a lot of people took advantage of this fact, but never reported it. We find it hard to believe that none of our Grand Cross Crusaders ever noticed this problem.
Mathy, Game Master

Features not planned to be introduced

God Items and Quests


Those are broken/OP. Also, they would grant too much power for already dominating guilds. We get enough complaints from the fact that some Boss cards are already out there. God items would further complicate this issue.
Mathy, Game Master

iRO Repeteable Quests


The staff collectively agree that repeatable quests are inherently unbalanced and easily abused. Additionally, they do not mesh with the server's vision.
Lace, Game Master

Slotted Mid-Headgears


Slotted middle costumes are way overpowered, and we, as staff, think that it unfavorably affects the meta in PvM and PvP/WoE.
Vector, Developer

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