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At[@]Commands are functions that can be used by users in order to perform an specific action. In order to use them, an user have to write the command in their chat box and sent it, just like sending a message.


All the commands that can be used with the @ (at) symbol can be used with the _ (underscore) symbol too. This means that if you have troubles (e.g. Italian keyboards among others) with typing @autoloot, you can use _autoloot instead.

Command List

Reference Commands


Shows a list of available commands for quick reference.

Usage: @commands


Get help about a command.

Usage: @help or @h <command>
Example: @help gsacl

Item Commands


Enables/disables auto-looting from the killed monsters.

Usage: @autoloot <rate>
Example: @autoloot 50 (this will make you loot every item with a drop rate of 50% or less).


Adds/Removes/Resets item-specific Autoloot.

Usage: @alootid <+id> or @alootid <-id>
Example: @alootid +984 or @alootid -984 (this will add or remove the loot of Oridecon).
Note: You can also use +@etc, +@usable, +@equip, +@card, +@pet to loot specific item types.
Note 2: @alootid reset can be used to reset the whole list.
Note 3: You can use <Item_Name> (uppercase sensitive).


Excludes specific items from Autoloot.

Usage: @droploot <+id> or @droploot <-id>
Example: @droploot +984 (enable drop) or @droploot -984 (disable drop).
Note: @droploot reset can be used to reset the whole list.
Note 2: You can use <Item_Name> (uppercase sensitive).


Show info about the specified item.

Usage: @iteminfo or @ii <id>
Example: @ii 984 or @ii oridecon (will show Oridecon's information).


Displays a message and plays an effect and sound when you get a rare item.

Usage: @showrare <rate>
Example: @showrare 1 (this will notify you every time an item with chance 1 and below drops).


Show the result of the random function that determines whether an item will be dropped or not.

Usage: @showroll <rate>
Example: @showroll 1 (this will show the roll made by every item with drop chance 1 or below).


Show who drops the specified item.

Usage: @whodrops <id>
Example: @whodrops 2310 or @whodrops Coat_ (this will show who drops Coat[1]).
Note: <Item_Name> is case sensitive.

Trade Commands


Allows you to continue vending offline.

Usage: @autotrade or @at


Find any merchants selling the specified item.

Usage: @whosells <id>
Example: @whosells 4205 or @whosells Mimic_Card
Note: <Item_Name> is case sensitive.


Find any player buying the specified item.

Usage: @whobuys <id>
Example: @whobuys 512 or @whobuys Apple
Note: <Item_Name> is case sensitive.

Monster Commands


Show info about the monsters that spawn in the specified map.

Usage: @mapmobs <map_name>
Example: @mapmobs prt_fild05 (will show all the mobs at the field in west-Prontera map).


Count all the same-id-monsters killed by the player.

Usage: @killcount <mob id>, then @killcount alone to know the current count.
Example: @killcount 1001 (you will start to count every Scorpion killed by you).


Show info about the specified monster.

Usage: @mobinfo, @monsterinfo or @mi <mob id>
Example: @mobinfo 1002 or @mobinfo poring (will show Poring's information).


Finds out in which maps a monster spawns.

Usage: @whereis <mob id>
Example: @whereis 1002 or @whereis poring

Experience Commands


Displays current levels and % progress.

Usage: @exp


Shows the gained experience per minute (as a flat value and as a percentage) since login.

Usage: @expgain


Tells you what monster is the current Monster of the Day.

Usage: @expmission


Displays/Hides the gained experience points.

Usage: @showexp

Duel Commands


Make or invite someone to a duel.

Usage: @duel
Usage 2: @duel <char name>
Example 2: @duel Haru (you will immediatelly both create the duel and invite Haru to it).


Invite someone to a previously made duel.

Usage: @invite <char name>
Example: @invite Haru
Note: You cannot use @invite if there isn't a duel previously made.


Accept a duel you were previously invited.

Usage: @accept


Reject a duel invitation.

Usage: @reject


Leave the current duel you joined.

Usage: @leave

Homunculi Commands


Information about your current Homunculus.

Usage: @hominfo


Info about the stats of your current Homunculus.

Usage: @homstats


Make your Homunculus say something.

Usage: @homtalk <message>
Example: @homtalk Hello, this is me, your brother.

Channel Commands


Joins a channel (e.g. #main or #trade).

Usage: @join <#channel>
Example: @join #main


Leaves a channel (e.g. #main or #trade).

Usage: @part <#channel>
Example: @part #main


Toggles display of join/part messages in chat channels.

Usage: @showchanneljoin

Other Commands


Makes night visual effect enabled/disabled.

Usage: @daynight


Manage permissions for Guild Members to access the Guild Storage (only Guild Leader can use this).

Usage: @gsacl <position> <on|off|show>
Example: @gsacl 1 on (this will allow the use of guild storage to guild's Rank 1).
Note: You can know the state of a Rank by just using @gsacl <position>.
Note 2: You can edit multiple ranks by stating a range (like 0-6 or 5-12).
Note 2's Example: @gsacl 0-20 off (this will deny the use of guild storage from the leader to rank 20).


Save and restore multiple hotkey sets.

Usage: @hotkeys <load|save> <number from 1 to 3>
Example: @hotkeys load 1 (this will load a previously saved hotkey set in slot 1).
Note: Using load in a clean slot will make your hotkeys to be erased (due to not having anything saved).


Show your remaining jail time (if any).

Usage: @jailtime


Displays a message in role-play format.

Usage: @me <message>
Example: @me smiles as he gently touches her face.
Product: * : Mathy smiles as he gently touches her face. : *


Memorize a Warp Portal destination in the chosen slot, by paying one Blue Gemstone.

Usage: @memo <slot number>
Example: @memo 1 (memorizes current map in slot 1).
Note: You can check memo maps and save point by writing @memo alone.


Auto-rejects invites and deals.

Usage: @noask


Protects you from others to attack your already touched mobs.

Usage: @noks <self|party|guild>
Example: @noks self (will prevent anybody, even your party and/or guild, from KSing you).


Changes the party share settings regarding items.

Usage: @partyoption <pick up share yes|no> <item distribution yes|no>
Example: @partyoption yes yes (this will make all items dropped party-shared).
Note: This works similarly to the official Party Window.


Make your Pet say something.

Usage: @pettalk <message>
Example: @pettalk Hello, this is me, your sister.


Shows the current server rates.

Usage: @rates


Sends a message to all the online GMs.

Usage: @request <message>
Example: @request Help! There is a snake in my boot!
Note: If there is no GMs online, the message will be lost. Use Gitlab, forums or Discord preferently.


Show visual effects when attacking with elemental weaponry/endows/arrows.

Usage: @showatkele


Shows/Hides the "there is a delay after a skill" message.

Usage: @showdelay


Displays/Hides the gained money.

Usage: @showzeny


Show the amount of HP/SP recovered by consumables.

Usage: @showrecovery
Note: The amount recovered is shown just like being healed.


Shows a list of info about your character's statistics.

Usage: @stats


Shows the time spent on the current session and the total time spent playing the character.

Usage: @playtime


Shows the current server/game time.

Usage: @time, @date, @serverdate or @servertime


Shows how long has the server been online since last maintenance.

Usage: @uptime