Doll Exchange

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Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 740.png Doll(s)
Item(s): 529.png Based on doll(s) traded
Elin is located in and she is part of Alberta's trade NPCs. She will trade you consumable items based on the doll you offer to her.
Alberta doll exchange.jpg
  • Note: Yoyo Doll is the most popular trade performed by players.


Doll Given Item Obtained
740.png Puppet 530.png 1 Candy Cane
741.png Poring Doll 529.png 1 Candy
742.png Chonchon Doll 530.png 1 Candy Cane
743.png Spore Doll 538.png 5 Well-baked Cookie
750.png Baphomet Doll 525.png 5 Panacea
751.png Osiris Doll 522.png 2 Mastela Fruit
752.png Rocker Doll 532.png 7 Banana Juice
753.png Yoyo Doll 608.png 1 Yggdrasil Seed
754.png Raccoon Doll 539.png 3 Piece of Cake