Easter Event Quest 2021

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Base Level: None/Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 43 Holy Egg
Base Experience: Varies
Item(s): 2 Gift Box

Ancient Heroes

  1. Speak with Cantankerous Geezer at any of the following locations:
  2. Talk to Secret Corps (Corps Member) Morroc with at least 1 Holy Egg in your inventory.
    Easter Secret Corps.jpg
  3. He asks you to bring him 10 Holy Eggs in order for you to join his organization.
  4. He now asks for 33 Holy Egg.
  5. After returning with 33 holy eggs, he directs you to a dungeon determined by a player's level.
  6. After using the Eggs on the Trace, return to the Corps Member and inform him of the results.

Holy Egg Preparation

12019.png Holy Egg
509.png 1 White Herb
508.png 1 Yellow Herb
511.png 1 Green Herb
523.png 1 Holy Water
7605.png 1 Chicken Egg
Sister Nerlen
Sister Nerlen.jpg
  • Note: Chicken Eggs can be purchased from the Egg Salesman at for 500 zeny each