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Ragnarok Online Emotes

Command Image Description Usage
Ctrl + =
Emote bawi.gif Bawi / Rock Used in "rock, paper, scissors", or to indicate raising of the fist.
Ctrl + \
Emote bo.gif Bo / Paper Used in "rock, paper, scissors" and in greetings/farewells.
Ctrl + -
Emote gawi.gif Gawi / Scissors Used in "rock, paper, scissors" and in greetings/farewells.
/! Exc.gif Exclamation mark Often used when surprised.
/? Que.gif Question mark Often used when in question.
/ho Hoe.gif Music note Often used when 'whistling bored'.
/lv Lov.gif Beating heart Often used when you're in love.
/lv2 Lov2.gif Exploding heart Simply a different version of the above /lv.
/swt Swt.gif Sweat drop Anime-styled sweat drop. Usable for any purpose.
/ic Lit.gif Light bulb Used when you've finally figure something out.
/an Ang.gif Anger vein Anime-styled anger vein. Use when angry.
/ag Agh.gif Storm cloud The symbol of true frustration. Use when moody.
/$ Money.gif Dollar sign Use when you've just gained a lot of money, or going to get a lot of it.
/... ....gif Three dots Use when speechless.
/thx Thx.gif Thank you! Use when thanking someone,
/wah Wah.gif Look of panic /or panicking
/sry Sry.gif Sorry look Use when sorry for doing something bad.
/heh Heh.gif Laughing face Multiple uses from simply laughing at a joke to mocking someone.
/swt2 Swt2.gif Explosive sweat Used when in panic.
/hmm Hmm.gif Thinking face Used when pondering an unfathomable situation or incident, or when thinking abou something.
/no1 No1.gif Thumbs up and a wink A praising gesture.
/ok Ok.gif Head bobbing up and down Used when agreeing.
/omg Omg.gif Shocked face! Used when expressing utter disgust or shock.
/oh Ohh.gif Sign with a red circle Used when saying "Oh!".
/X Ecks.gif Sign with a red X Used when saying "No.".
/hlp Hlp.gif Four Help signs pop above you Used when desperately asking for help.
/go Goo.gif Explosive Go! sign Used to commence an action or event.
/sob Sob.gif Crying face Used when sad.
/gg Ggg.gif Evil giggling face A laugh with bad intentions in mind.
/kis Kis.gif A kiss with a heart facing right Used when kissing someone on your right side.
/kis2 Kis2.gif A kiss facing left Used when kissing someone on your left side.
/pif Pif.gif A pif. Used when blowing smoke into someones face or right after finishing a "supposedly difficult" task
/?? Ono.gif Shaking head Used when disagreeing.
or /e1
Bzz.gif Angry face with an anger vein Used when expressing directed anger.
or /e2
Rice.gif Drooly face Used when drooling about something (or someone) delicious.
or /e3
Awsm.gif Eyes popping hearts Used when totally ogling someone irresistibly sexy.
or /e4
Meh.gif Flapping tongue Used when licking someone on your left or saying "So what?"
or /e5
Shy.gif Blushing Used when blushing or saying "Tsk tsk."
or /e6
Pat.gif A hand petting Used when comforting someone beside you.
or /e7
Mep.gif A clock with SP appears Used when signaling that the user is low on SP.
or /e8
Slur.gif A lustful face with drool Used when you have the desire to eat someone.
or /e9
Come.gif A finger directing something to come towards you Can also mean the user is 'fingering' someone.
or /e10
Yawn.gif A big yawny face Used to express boredom.
or /e11
Grat.gif A glittery explosion with the word Congratulations! Used when congratulating someone.
or /e12
Hep.gif A clock with HP appears Used when signaling that the user is low on HP.
or /e13
Fsh.gif Shiny eyes can be used when you see something you always want to have.
or /e14
Spin.gif Dizzy look with drool Used when dizzy.
or /e15
Sigh.gif An exhaling puff Used when tired.
or /e16
Dum.gif A blank expression Used when dumbstruck.
or /e17
Crwd.gif Expression of loud clamoring Used when 'making loud noises'. However spamming seems alot louder.
or /e18
Desp.gif A stick person falling on hands and knees Everyone's favorite emote. However its an anime expression of giving up.
or /e19
Dice.gif A dice roll It rolls random numbers from 1-6.
/e20 E20.gif A finger pointing upward.
or /e27
Hum.gif An annoyed expression.
or /e28
Abs.gif An emotion usually seen in humorous anime when you've done something very wrong, you then falls down and your soul comes out as if you die from embarassment/being frightened. Basically just a different version of the /panic shown below.  ?
or /e29
Oops.gif An eyepopping and red faced emotion. Used to convey embarrasment at making a mistake.
or /e30
Spit.gif A mouth spitting/throwing up. Used when something is so disgusting that you throw up.
or /e31
Ene.gif A "blessed" face  ?
or /e32
Panic.gif A frightful face. Used when something absolutely horrible has happened.
or /e33
Whisp.gif A spinning whisper face.

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