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This is a list of most changes done in Rebirth Patch (Ep. 10.1). Not all changes are written here.

Specific Changes

Uncategorized changes.

Standalone NPCs


All new monsters in the list (except MVPs) were added to the Dead Branch summon pool.

Kiel Dungeon

Somatology Laboratory Floor 3



  • Geffenia Dungeon
  • Kiel Dungeon
  • Somatology Laboratory Floor 3


New items availabled either by drops or quests.

Item Source
1270.png Drill Katar [1] Alicel
2123.png Orleans Server [1] Aliza
2514.png Pauldron [1] Eremes · Howard
1625.png Healing Staff Anubis
2659.png Vesper Core 01 Vesper
2660.png Vesper Core 02 Vesper
2661.png Vesper Core 03 Vesper
2662.png Vesper Core 04 Vesper
13034.png Desert Twilight [2] Caterpillar
13405.png Curved Sword [2] Aliot
1230.png Ice Pick A.C. Eremes · RSX 0806 · Lord of Death
2513.png Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] H.P. Margaretha · H.W. Kathryne · White Lady
1265.png Bloody Roar A.C. Eremes
2620.png Rogue's Treasure Whikebine
1264.png Specialty Jur [4] Eremes
2319.png Glittering Jacket [1] A.C. Eremes · H.W. Kathryne · Kiel D-01
2412.png Greaves [1] L.K. Seyren
13001.png Dragon Killer Seyren
1723.png Luna Bow [2] Sniper Cecil
1724.png Dragon Wing Sniper Cecil
1560.png Sage's Diary [2] H.P. Margaretha
1561.png Hardcover Book [1] Margaretha
1618.png Survivor's Rod [1] H.W. Kathryne · Kiel D-01
1620.png Survivor's Rod [1] Kathryne
2616.png Critical Ring H.W. Kathryne
12020.png Cursed Water Violy · False Angel
12016.png Speed Potion Pickpocket Quest
2518.png Morpheus's Shawl Aliza
2650.png Morrigane's Belt Kiel D-01
2651.png Morrigane's Pendant Kiel D-01
2516.png Falcon Muffler Aliot
1528.png Lv 4 Weapon Quests Level 4 Weapons (Type 1) · Level 4 Weapons (Type 2)
4001.png Biolab F3 Cards Biolabs Entrance Quest

Socket Enchant

New items added to Socket Enchantment.

Added Items
13033.png Assassin Dagger [1]
1814.png Berserk [1]
13001.png Dragon Killer [2]
1166.png Dragon Slayer [2]
13002.png Ginnungagap [1]
1528.png Grand Cross [1]
1413.png Gungnir [2]
2409.png High Heels [1]
1261.png Infiltrator [1]
1256.png Katar of Frozen Icicle [3]
1259.png Katar of Piercing Wind [3]
1276.png Katar of Quaking [3]
1258.png Katar of Raging Blaze [3]
2334.png Mage Coat [1]
2109.png Memory Book [1]
2339.png Pantie [1]
1239.png Poison Knife [2]
2343.png Robe of Cast [1]
1167.png Schweizersabel [2]
1236.png Sucsamad [1]
1617.png Survivor's Rod (DEX) [1]
1619.png Survivor's Rod (INT) [1]
2522.png Undershirt [1]
1468.png Zephyrus [3]

Costume Hats

New items added to Costume System.

200,000z 380,000z 500,000z 750,000z
2267.png Cigarette
2298.png Green Feeler
5117.png Mystic Rose
2255.png Evil Wing
2224.png Goggles
5050.png Wonder Nutshell
5008.png Puppy Love
2293.png Pretend Murdered
5039.png Rainbow Eggshell
5049.png Striped Hairband
5018.png Feathered Hat
5108.png Renown Detective's Cap
2252.png Wizard Hat
2232.png Circlet
2271.png Jack be Dandy


Read the patch notes for more information on every point.

  • Fame scaling system added.
  • Added #ru and #es channels.
  • Items from the inventory's Favorite tab are no longer listed in the list of items available to sell to an NPC shop, to prevent accidentally selling them.
  • Einbech can now be memorized as Warp Portal destination.
  • Renamed Weapon Repair to Equipment Repair.
  • Changed the cooldown of the Homunculus skills (except Urgent Escape) to be reset when the homunculus is vaporized.
  • Added skin tone variants of the Elven Ears and Elven Ears Costume.
  • Streamlined PvP access.
  • Ground-based buffs and de-buffs are now cleared when going through a Warp Portal (Acolyte skill) or the wedding recall skills. The following buffs and de-buffs are currently affected:
  • Fixed self-targeted skills not resetting the idle timer, however, the following skills won't reset it:
  • Improved the option handling in the @noks command.
  • Renamed the Green Maiden standalone monster to Chun Yi, to prevent ambiguities. The White Lady's summon will stay as Green Maiden
  • Changed the item names to always include the amount of slots (even if 0) to prevent many accidental or intentional scams
  • Improved client performance and memory usage in Windows when multi-clienting.
  • Improved the visual quality of the JPG screenshots captured through the client's screenshot function (PrintScreen).
  • Improved the screenshot performance with nVidia GPUs. Screenshots will no longer freeze the client for a second.
  • Extended the maximum length of the in-game command shortcuts. The Super Novice chant will now fit correctly regardless of the character's name.