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How do I rename a character?

You can purchase a ticket at the Civil Registry, within Kafra Headquarters, in northwest Aldebaran. Use that ticket as if it were any item, and go to the character-selection screen. From there, you should right-click the character you wish to rename, and click "Rename".

What are the paid services (zeny) offered by GMs?

These values are taken from [1]. If any discrepancy exists, the correct, up-to-date information is always the one on the main website.

  • Pet or Homunculus name changes: 100,000 zeny
  • Guild-name changes: 2,500,000 zeny
  • Guild-leader changes 5,000,000 zeny. These can only be done from Monday to Thursday, and must be requested in the forum. They will be announced publicly.
  • Weddings: 3,000,000 zeny. These can be held anywhere (does not have to be in a chapel). You can request them in-game (through @request, though we'll only receive the message if one of us is online at the time), or via one of our communication channels (preferably Telegram or Discord). If no GM can be found, you can reach the team through our issue tracker. Just create a new ticket explaining what you need done.