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Guest Accounts are the only way to share a Game Account with someone else. You are prohibited to share your Master Account with anybody.

How to set up a Guest Account

In order to make one of your Game Account a Guest Account, you will need to:


You can restrict certains options for your character.

  • Allow character rename.
  • Allow character deletion.
  • Allow guild creation, destruction, join or leave.
  • Allow skill and status point allocation.
  • Allow access to the Storage.
  • Allow access to the Guild Storage.
  • Allow equipment trade
  • Allow guild invite and expulsion


  • Guest Accounts only last for 3 months as a maximum, it doesn't matter if you set a further date.
  • Items aren't protected; take this into consideration when trusting other people.
  • Players using a Guest Account are still logged in via their own Master Account; therefore if you log a guest character alongside your own, it considers both characters to be under the same Master Account, and you will not get an EXP bonus if dual-clienting.