Holy Light

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Holy Light.png Holy Light Skill Info
Holy Light Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 15
Cast Time: 2 Seconds
Cast Delay: None (ASPD)
Target: Foe
Element: Holy
In order to gain this skill, the player has to complete a quest!


Attack a target from a distance with a holy light that inflicts an amount of damage equal to 125% of the caster's MATK. If a Priest uses this skill while endowed with the Priest Spirit buff Holy Light will deal 5x normal damage, but use 5x more SP.


  • This skill can inflict damage to any monster, even if they are not Undead or Demon, as long as the monster is not of Holy element.
  • This skill immediately cancels Kyrie Eleison when used on another player, even if it misses (i.e. the barrier is negated entirely).
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