Kafra Band Quest

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Base Level: 1
Quest Prerequisite(s): Missing Book Quest, Botany Quest
Quest Corequisite(s): Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest, Outlaw System (step 14)
Item(s): 5020.png Kafra Band

Note: This quest will not be triggered if you do not meet the conditions to start it.
Note: click the coordinates to copy them, and paste them into the game chat to be directed to the location.

1. Go to Beach town, Comodo. The house is located west of the city.


2. Talk to the Kafra behind the desk. Tell her that you want to sign up for the Kafra training.


She will tell you that Kafra training consists of a basic training in four parts. The first part is to learning to save a players location. The second one is learning to construct carts. Third training is an excursion into the theory of the teleport services they offer. The last part is storage managment.

3. Talk to Morgan. She will explain how the Kafra saving service works. You'll then be assigned to jot down a players name and location rather hastily and correctly. It is rather simple the first two times, the third time is a bit more complicated. Resulting in misspelling one player name or location or taking too long to type leads you to start over again. Each section gets saved, meaning that if you're on the second phase of the typing section and you fail, you will not go back to the beginning.


If you are unable to progress the quest due to hand complications, or are otherwise a slow typer, you can give guest access to a player who can do it for you. Do not log out during this part if you've progressed quite a bit, as it will make you start over from the very beginning!

Morgan will be pleased with your assistance, and lets you off to meet Alena.

4. Alena will be teaching you how to construct carts. After a bit of explanation about how Push Carts services works, she will ask you what kind of cart you want to build first.
She will ask you to choose one cart type and bring materials to begin building. You may fail, so bring at least two sets. If you succeed, she will send you to Technician Norman.


Classic Cart Cart 2? Flower Cart Cart 4? Cart 5?
998.png 50 Iron
1019.png 10 Trunk
712.png 300 Flower
1019.png 50 Trunk

5. Talk to Norman, who will doubt your abilities to learn everything in one session. After a few insults he asks you to go grab him some coffee. There is a coffee mug on the table next to him.


6. Read everything he says carefully. Write it down. You will need it for the next set of questions. Norman will be pleased that you were attentive, and also mention that the math equations weren't apart of the training. He just wanted to see if you could do them.

If you have troubles with the equations, ask someone who knows math.

7. Go to Kafra Sofia. She will briefly talk about storage management. Read carefully what she says, because there is a hint for each location that Sofia and the other NPCs will give you.


8. The first area is in , by a certain entrance. Talk to Tina under the cart rail.
Location of Tina
KafraBandQuest cmdfild05 NPC Tina.png
9. The second area is in . Talk to Cassy. She will give you a hint for the next storage worker.
Location of Cassy
KafraBandQuest mocfild13 NPC Cassy.png
10. The third area is in . Deliver the goods to Klaus. The storage worker will tell you that the last location is rather a secret, so the only hint is that Rudy is in North Mjolnir, on the far east side accompanied by a donkey.
Location of Klaus
KafraBandQuest yunofild01 NPC Klaus.png
11. After finding Rudy in , you see that the man is unconscious. You look at the man to see if he is alright, but as you do a thief assaults you and steals the last bundle. Rudy wakes up trying to remember the events that took place. Go back to Sofia.
Location of Rudy
KafraBandQuest mjolnir05 NPC Rudy.png

12. Sofia won't be pleased by the news, but she knows someone who can help. There is a detective in Prontera just inside the Knight Chivalry who is investigating a series of ruthless acts involving Outlaws.

13. Inspector Ronnfield will connect the dots and send you away.


14. Talk to him again. Ask him if there's something you can do to help. He mentions that he does have something, but he needs you to prove that he can trust you.

15. Perform Outlaw System once.

There will be a global broadcast when someone kills a Outlaw.

16. Talk to Inspector Ronnfield. He will now lead you a clue into the shrine deep inside Ayothaya Island.

17. Players will have to complete Ayothaya Dungeon Entrance Quest to proceed to the next step of the quest.

18. A hidden tunnel in leads you to a fight with an Outlaw. After defeating it, Ronnfield will appear and trap the bandits. He thanks you for your assistance and tells you to go back to Sofia.

19. Sofia is grateful for all your work, but your Kafra training is cancelled since you lost the package. The Kafra higher ups have spoken and they agreed that if you bring back the lost materials then you will get a reward for it. Bring the materials required to aquire Kafra Band and complete the quest.

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