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Kihop.png Kihop Skill Info
Passive Info.gif
Type: Passive Skill
Levels: 5


Increases the player's ATK by (2% * Skill level) per party member on the same map and is alive. The player who has this skill is not counted for this skill. For example, a TaeKwon Kid with level 5 Kihop will have their ATK increased by 100% if there are 10 party members NOT including the Taekwon Kid him/herself. This increase is applied to the base ATK rate, not counting in any other buffs that may have increased ATK.

The calculation for skills with an ATK modifier at and above 500% is fixed to (100 * Bonus%) + 500%.

This skill is affected by the origins RO "idle" timer that also affects exp and loot gain. If the characters in the party would not qualify to get exp through being active, then the kihop bonus will not be applied for that character.

Level Attack Bonus
1 2%
2 4%
3 6%
4 8%
5 10%
TaeKwon Kid
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