Killing Stroke

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Killing Stroke.png Killing Stroke Skill Info
Killing Stroke Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 10
Target: Foe
Range: 5 cells
(Ninja) Ninja Aura Lv. 1, Shadow Slash Lv. 5, Dagger Throwing Practice Lv. 7


This is a Ninja's ultimate skill. This skill can be blocked my Pneuma and any other skill that can block ranged attacks. The Ninja must be in the Ninja Aura status to use this skill and after using this skill the Ninja's HP is reduced to 1. The damage of Killing Stroke depends on the user's STR and HP.

Skill Level Damage formula Sp Cost
1 (STR*40) + (HP*8%) 55
2 (STR*40) + (HP*16%) 60
3 (STR*40) + (HP*24%) 65
4 (STR*40) + (HP*32%) 70
5 (STR*40) + (HP*40%) 75
6 (STR*40) + (HP*48%) 80
7 (STR*40) + (HP*56%) 85
8 (STR*40) + (HP*64%) 90
9 (STR*40) + (HP*72%) 95
10 (STR*40) + (HP*80%) 100


  • Base and Weapon ATK do not affect this skill
  • This skill will never miss unless under the influence of a skill that blocks ranged attacks
  • Using this skill on Herbs and Mushrooms will result in a miss
  • Race and Size cards affect this skill by adding bonus damage
  • The Sign affects this skill by adding bonus damage
  • This skill is always a neutral elemental attack
  • This skill's damage can only be reduced by cards and armor DEF
  • In WoE, you will not be teleported to your target.
  • Currently this skill will only deal 50% damage to boss type monsters it is not yet sure if this is intended or a bug
  • The Ninja Aura status is removed immediately after casting Killing Stroke.

Skill Balances in Pre-Trans WoE Maps

  • The caster becomes immune to Devotion for 10 seconds in Pre-Trans WoE Maps.
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