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The Master Account system is a unique and useful feature of OriginsRO. Every player of OriginsRO has a master account, which allows them to play and comes with a variety of features.

Each master account can have any number of characters and game accounts associated with it, and allows for easy management and control of those characters. It also allows players to use the control panel to view all of their characters and accounts in the same place, and lets players share items between their various game accounts and characters through the Master Storage system.

What is a Master Account and why should I want one?

With your Master Account you can:

Remember that you can register only one Master Account, but once you log in with that to the Control Panel, you can create as many Game Accounts as you want.

Where can I make a Master Account?

Register for the OriginsRO forum, or click the below link. Remember that you may have only one master account per player!

Create an OriginsRO Master Account