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First Thing's First

Getting your characters

First of all you'll need to make 3 accounts.

Note: Never make more than 1 Master Account.

Now you might ask "Why 3 accounts?" Well that's because you'll need 3 characters: Acolyte, Archer and Merchant.

  • Acolyte which will be a future Full Support Priest will help your future Hunter to stay alive.
  • Merchant for Overprice/Discount to NPCs, and Vending to sell players your goods.

Note: Make ONE new character in each account.

Auto Follow

To do so you'll need to disable /nc (NoControl) and /ns (NoShift), with both of those off you'll need to hold Shift and Right Click on the desired character to be auto-followed.

Training Grounds

Now go to the Novice Grounds by reaching the first NPC that talks about your stats.

  • Acolyte 9 Intelligence, 9 Dexterity and 9 either in Agility or Luck (Depends on whatever suits you more)
  • Hunter should always start with 9 Dexterity and 9 Agility , however, if you're going to be a Blitzer get 9 Intelligence aswell~ Unless you want 9 Strength for extra weight.
  • Merchant, usually their stats wont matter because they'll be 100% in town, unless you'll make it to a 2nd job so plan ahead. If not you could put everything in Vitality.

After that don't forget to visit the Stylist on the top left, you'll get free coupons.

Note: You won't get these 2 free coupons anywhere but here.

After talking to all the NPCs and reaching the leveling spot, you'll need to get your future Archer to job level 8 so he can organize a party.

To make it party shared you'll need to enter the Keyboard Shortcuts in the ESC button, there you'll find the Party Setup under the Window Interface tab.

That way you can invite the other 2 characters you have and start sharing the EXP. After you did so head to level 5 and start killing Hornets and Willows (Willows drop the Archer's Job Change Quest's items-9. Hornets gives the most EXP in the Novice Grounds, so you better kill them to save some time.

Note: Before taking the Novice Ground's Test, give all of your Fly Wings to your future Acolyte, sometimes the Acolyte Job Change Quest makes you fetch an NPC in the middle of nowhere.

First Job!

After you've reached Job level 10 and changed to an Archer/Acolyte/Merchant, teleport to Payon and save there (You don't want to die and get spawned back to Alberta/Prontera, that'll just be a waste of Kafra Transportation Tickets. you'll need those if you just started).

  • Now head south of Payon to get a few job levels.
  • After you get a few Job levels- head north of Payon to Archer's Village, go to the NPC at the top to get 500-1000 Silver Arrows, depending on how much Zeny you have (try to save up the good loot for later).
  • After that head to Payon Caves, note that it's a good idea to send all your Novice Potions to your Archer, it'll be easier to spam those potions instead of using Heal (you're limited aswell due to low SP at the moment),
  • While you DS (Double Strafe) some zombies, you can kill some Red Plants, you might get lucky and get a Romantic Flower.
  • Save one Opal for Holy Light later on, dropped by Zombies.
  • Kill the Blue Mushrooms for Crystal Blue which will generate to Crystal Arrows via Arrow Crafting skill from your Archer.

Note: You can always use your Acolyte and Merchant to attack the monsters who aggro your Archer

  • Now you stay in Payon Caves level 1 'till your Merchant gets Overcharge 10. For your Acolyte I'd suggest after getting Heal 5, get AGI 1 just to make yourself a bit faster and rush to Blessing 5. As for your Archer's skills getting DS 10 is great, after that get Vulture's Eye 10 and Owl's Eye 10.
  • Alternatives to Payon Caves level 1 are: Rockers, Hornets, Mandragoras, Mukas, Spores and Wormtails.

Note: To know which monster is located say "@whereis Wormtail".

Note: To find out a particular field open the world map.

A Boost in Cash~

Now that you've got Overcharge 10, sell most of your loot (except for Crystal Blue, 1 Opal and any slotted gear).

You can either trade all your loot to your Merchant (Tip: Hold Alt and right click on the items you want to trade off, it'll go directly to your trade or storage if you got that opened) or just throw them all on the ground for him to collect which could be faster, but risky.

Get 1 Concentration Potion and 1500 Fire Arrows from Sunken Ship (You get there from Alberta from this NPC)

Don't forget to upgrade your Bow to +7 with the Phracons you've got from the Novice Test Course (If you failed to reach your desired class with the test, one of the other characters might've succeeded).

Get your Acolyte a Rod [3] from the Weapon's dealer at Payon for +15% MATK.

Wolves 'Til Pneuma

Okay now that you're all set go 2 maps south of Payon, you'll get to Wolves.

This map is great for these levels, kill everything in sight- remember you just started so you'd like to have any kind of goods that you get!

So first let's talk about the loot- what needs to be saved for later and what needs to be sold~

Save: Cards, Strawberries (You'll Vend them later for 750-900z depending on the market instead of selling them around 200z at an NPC), Slotted Gear.

How long to stay at Wolves? Until you get Pneuma with your Acolyte. Be wary of Vagabond, he's a strong mini-boss Wolf at these levels, don't try to kill it just run.

Keep selling the rest of the loot 'till you get enough money for a Gakkung, only buy that when you get Discount 10!

Once you have Gakkung, it should be very easy because you'll most likely 1 shot a Wolf with DS.

Suggestion: Wolf Card would be good to put inside the Gakkung Bow~

Alternatives to Wolves: Hodes, Floras or Toy Factory 1.

Selling and Stocking~

Now that you've got Pneuma 1, get back to town, sell everything except for Strawberries, Cards and slotted gear.

Buy yourself like 2-3 Concentration Potions and 1-2 Awakening Potions.

Get some more Fire Arrows and 1-10 Blue Gemstones (Sold in Geffen southwest side)

If your zeny isn't enough, get 1 Blue Gemstone and forget about the Awakening Potions.

Toy Factory until Vending

Now, head with your Acolyte to Aldebaran (cheapest way from Payon is to warp to Prontera > Izlude > Aldebaran).

Head to Santa Claus, he'll warp you to Lutie for free.

Go north one map and before entering the north portal to Toy Factory, save your warp there with /memo.

Note: You cannot use /memo in dungeons and some fields.

Teleport back to Payon with your Acolyte and use your Warp Portal skill to warp your characters to Toy Factory.

Note: Do not enter with your Acolyte first, that'll remove the Warp Portal and if you have only 1 Blue Gemstone, your Archer and Merchant won't be able to Warp as well for the time being, be aware of that!

Welcome to Toy Factory! This place has great loot that'll be sold to an NPC

Example: Piece of Cake is sold WITHOUT Overcharge at 1,500z EACH! So with Overcharge 10, you'll have a 24% boost to that.

Now head to level 2 which is located in the center of this map.

If you have like 1500 Fire Arrows, I suggest killing the Cruisers (Toy Soldiers) only because it's easier to deal with Pneuma (Pneuma is a skill that'll prevent ANY ranged damaged to you for 10 seconds, use it well and a lot!).

Note: Be careful here of Stormy Knight, don't worry you'll notice him immediately once you see him.

Myst Cases are the money-time! Just kill them when you know you're clear of Cruisers, because they hit hard at those levels.

So what I usually do is attack it and run away to get some distance and repeat 'till it's dead

Tip: Save your SP only to deal with Myst Cases, just tap the Cruisers.

Stay there with your Merchant until he gets at least Vending level 1 (vending level 1 will allow you to sell 3 items, so start by selling the Strawberries). Check how much they're being sold by @whosells strawberry (or for the lazy people @ws strawberry).

If you need to restock arrows or Blue Gemstones if you die, sell your loot and do that.

Edit: Alternatives to Toy Factory 2 are: Pyramids 2F/3F, Amatsu Level 1. (For Amatsu you'll need 10k to travel there so /memo there is a must! You'll need to do the Amatsu Dungeon quest plus you'll rely heavily on Pneuma, it's very dangerous there so keep that in mind. Oh, and Shinobi will most likely kill you in 1 hit.)

Great Investment on Gear & Cards

I'll start off with the cheapest to the most expensive investments that I think is great to have when you start off in the server.

Please note that the prices I state are not a fixed price and can always change depending on the supply & demand of the market!

Pantie & Undershirt Combo

Gives you +5 AGI and +10 Flee. This is maybe the best starter gear for a Rogue/Assassin/Hunter farmers. Nothing better than this at the start and is very cheap too! Usually the price together ranges between 20k to 100k.

Cubic Headgear (Myst Case Card)

Okay this is your first money making card in the game! As the card describes, it gives you a chance (1.5%) of dropping a Gift Box. Gift Boxes are great to have when you first start because they may contain items that can be sold for nice amount of Zeny at NPCs (With Overcharge of course!).

Some of those items are: Gold (124k), Four Leaf Clover (49.6k), Witherless Rose (34.1k), Frozen Rose (21.7k) and more! This card usually costs like 250k to 1mil and goes to a slotted headgear (Slotted Ribbon/Hat are usually very cheap to get).

Teleport Accessory (Creamy Card)

This one is one of the BEST investments you'll ever make because you're going to use this until you quit the game. It allows you to use Teleport level 1 - which means you will be able to Fly Wing at the cost of SP instead of Zeny.

Most common item to use with this card is a Clip [1]. After you equip your Teleport Clip, the skill will be shown on the ETC Tab.

Note: Fly Wings are a great replacement for the Creamy card and is good to have when your class has low SP Pool or when you want to farm faster without having to press Enter after you use the Teleport.

Immune Garment (Raydric Card)

One of the best common cards out there. As the card describes, it gives you 'Increase resistance to Neutral property attacks by 20%'. This card will help you a lot to survive regular melee based attacks! I'd suggest getting this card into a +7 Muffler (Since a Muffler gives +2 Defense and can be worn by every class except Novice).

Blue Cubic Accessory (Mimic Card)

Okay now we're heading to an expensive card, however, in my opinion it's a great investment! Mimic card gives you the chance of getting an Old Blue Box by a low chance (0.5%). You can open them if you'd like and maybe get some nice decent gear! Just like the Creamy card, you'd most likely want this card in a Clip [1].

Note: There are some items that cannot be obtained by Old Blue Box in the server's current episode.

Slave Characters

Here are a list of useful 'slaves' to have in your Master Account. Of course, you'd want each 'slave' to be on a different account under your Master Account.


Priest Slave

Not much to say about this, I've stated that this is one of your first three characters you need to start. This Priest will be your lifeguard anywhere you go!

Note: Stats for this Priest usually has DEX+INT as primary and VIT as your secondary.


These are you warper slaves, you can just make a new Acolyte within 30 minutes to only level up Warp Portal level 4. Using @memo in the desired location you'd want to warp in to. You can either use the same Account with all 6 slots that you have available for that, or use separate Accounts under your Master Account, totally up to you.

A great tip is to also save in different cities and have your Warpers in your hometown without moving them, that way you'd have an extra 'memo' to warp to another city at the cost of a Gemstone instead of using the Kafra! It's also good to keep track of your warpers' names and locations they have Memo'd in.

Don't forget to always have them carry at least 20 Blue Gemstones.

Note: Stats does not matter with these Acolytes.

Endow Sage Slave

I really like to have this Sage around since he can Endow your weapon (need to be partied with) to one of the four basic elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind) for 30 minutes when having the Endow maxed level at the cost of one of the four elemental stones (Green Live [Earth], Wind of Verture [Wind], Red Blood [Fire], Crystal Blue [Water])! Great thing about this is even after you die, your Endow will remain! Don't forget to always have the Endow Sage Slave carry at least 5 of each elemental stone.

Note: Stats does not matter for this character, you can just add INT and some DEX to level him up alone in Geographers or Mi Gaos if you're feeling brave.

If you're in a guild, most likely they have their own Endow Slave, so if they allow you to use it freely, you can skip this or even if your guild has such service and you feel independent, go for making this slave.

Bragi Bard

So, having him around is pretty useful since most parties needs a Bragi which is a great way to gain 'free' loot as you just need to keep Bragi on AT ALL TIMES. My trick is usually have a Bragi follow my Wizard as I crush enemies easily and quickly and having a Priest and a Service Dancer with them all.

Note: Main stats for a Bragi Bard are DEX+INT.

Service Dancer

Having a Service Dancer is also pretty nice to have since with her you won't run out of SP and also the reason I stated with the Bragi Bard. Also if you're going to Brew in the future, this Dancer is a must have!

Note: Main stats for Service Dancer is INT as primary and DEX as secondary.

Trifecta Monk Slave

A monk is great to have if you're going for a Farmer Rogue. You can always go for Job level 40 as an Acolyte because his main purpose is to have Raging Trifecta Blow level 10 for your Rogue until you become a Stalker who has Preserve and also is great to rely on this 'slave' instead of asking in #main if anyone has Raging Trifecta Blow (Which most likely you'll get a level 5 AND that is IF someone is willing to give it to you).

Note: Stats are not important for this character, you can just go for INT+DEX and be a supportive Acolyte for easy partying or go for a Battle Acolyte (STR/AGI/DEX).

Do remember that to hit your Rogue with dueling in town (@duel <name> and @accept), you'll need to use the Summon Spirit Sphere skill which allows you not to miss the character but will deal very minimal damage which is great because all you need is the Raging Trifecta Blow skill to hit your Rogue regardless of damage.


Based on Grampa's Starter Zeny Guide~ and Grampa's Newcomers' Essential Guide