Occult Impaction

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Occult Impaction.png Occult Impaction Skill Info
Occult Impaction Info.gif
Type: Offensive Skill
Levels: 5 (Selectable)
SP Cost: 10-20
Cast Time: 1 second (Not Interruptible)
Cast Delay: 0.5 seconds
Target: Enemy
Range: Melee
Element: Neutral
Catalyst: 1 Spirit Sphere
(Monk) Summon Spirit Sphere Lv. 5


Consumes 1 Spirit Sphere per cast. Inflicted damage increases in proportion with the enemy's VIT DEF and Armor DEF. Occult Impaction is always of the Neutral element regardless of an equipped weapon's elemental attribute. Occult Impaction cannot miss due to an enemy's Flee or Perfect Dodge.

Skill Level +ATK (%) SP Cost
1 350 10
2 500 14
3 655 17
4 800 19
5 950 20


The formula for Occult Impaction is believed to be derived from a normal attack's damage (before taking into account elemental advantages), multiplied by the skill ATK boost (from the table above) and an adjustment multiplier.

  • Adjustment = (EnemyDEF + EnemyVIT) / 100

The final damage dealt is not reduced by an enemy's DEF or VIT DEF as a normal skill attack would be, but it is, however, reduced by other reductions such as Thara Frog Card or Poo Poo Hat.


  • Casting Summon Spirit Sphere immediately after Occult Impaction will cancel the after-cast delay (since this is actually an animation delay). Doing this before casting Occult Impaction again is actually faster than repeatedly using Occult Impaction (and not bypassing the delay) at 115+ DEX, as long as no Magic Strings are present.
  • Causing your character to perform any other animation than occult's normal animation, such as taking a step during it's delay will cancel the delay that normally follows the skill's usage.

If the enemy's combined DEF is 0 or less, Occult Impaction will miss. If your weapon has an elemental attribute, then, due to a bug in the way damage is calculated, your damage will be affected by GARMENT-based reductions of an opponent.

  • Occult Impaction was modified during a balancing patch; however, the official site still lists occult Impaction as doing 475% damage at its maximum level, despite now doing double the damage (effectively 950%).
  • Rogues and Stalkers wishing to Plagiarism Occult Impaction should note that the skill will not stack with the effects of Ice Pick.
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