Ore Downgrading

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Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): 2278.png 1 Mr. Smile,

Elemental Stone(s)

Item(s) (Not Consumed): 717.png 1 Blue Gemstone,

716.png 1 Red Gemstone

Quest Prerequisite(s): Umbala Language Quest
Item(s): Elemental Stone(s)
It's important to do Umbala Language Quest first, or you will have to do step 1 to 5 twice.

1. Prepare 717.png 1 Blue Gemstone and 716.png 1 Red Gemstone. You will use them, but they will be given back immediately.

2. In Umbala, near (216,190) click the skull and look at it carefully. The skull is on/by the door.

Umbala Ore Hut.jpg

3. It will ask you what you want to do. First put in a 717.png Blue Gemstone then a 716.png Red Gemstone. These go into the Left and then Right eyes.

4. You will be teleported into the room and should talk to the shaman.

Umbala Ore First Time.jpg

5. Go to the leader's house (umbala 68, 253), and talk to him.

  • Note: If you haven't done the Umbala Language Quest yet, you will have to do it first, then restart the quest from step 1.
Umbala Chief Hut.jpg

6. He'll ask you to bring him a 2278.png Mr. Smile as a gift. Give him one.

Umbala Utan Chief.jpg

7. Now you may have the shamans process ore for you. Every time you enter their room you will need to put the gems into the skull again.

8. Both shamans can break a pure elemental stones into lesser stones, or make a lesser elemental stones out of certain monster drops.

Umbala Ore NPCs.jpg
  • The left shaman will break or convert all the stones immediately. However, it will charge you 75z per created stone (ex: 15 Horns into a Green Live) and 800z per broken stone (ex: 1 Great Nature into 6~10 Green Live).
  • The right shaman will break or convert all the stones in batches of 1~10 items; this shaman won't charge you zeny.
  • When turning monster items into lesser stones (ex: 15 Horns into a Green Live), there is a 10% chance of failing.
Material Given Material Got
994.png 1 Flame Heart 990.png 6~10 Red Blood
995.png 1 Mystic Frozen 991.png 6~10 Crystal Blue
996.png 1 Rough Wind 992.png 6~10 Wind of Verdure
997.png 1 Great Nature 993.png 6~10 Green Live
904.png 20 Scorpion Tail 990.png 1 Red Blood
946.png 20 Snail's Shell 991.png 1 Crystal Blue
1013.png 25 Rainbow Shell 992.png 1 Wind of Verdure
947.png 15 Horn 993.png 1 Green Live