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Item Generation occurs when specific items (like the "Old Blue Box") are used by a player.

Once a random item box is used, it will select a random item from a pool and hands it to the player. The list can be found here, where the number following the item signifies how many instances of that item are in the pool. No number means there is only one instance.

  • Some items in the list are not yet available in the current version of the game.

Generating Items

Obtainable by normal means (monsters, items, quests)
644.png Gift Box 603.png Old Blue Box 617.png Old Purple Box 616.png Old Card Album
Quest rewards
12105.png Taming Gift Set 12130.png Cookie Bag 12106.png Jewelry BoxCU 12107.png Wrapped MaskCU
Event rewards
12110.png First Aid Kit ( through Outlaw System )
Special cases (Events)
664.png Gift Box (1) 665.png Gift Box (2) 666.png Gift Box (3) 667.png Gift Box (4)