Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union

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Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union.png Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union Skill Info
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Union Info.gif
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 1
SP Cost: 100
Duration: 10 minutes
Target: Self
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier Lv. 9


When in spirit mode (having received TaeKwon Master Spirit from Soul Linker), the player can merge with the powers of the Sun, Moon and Stars to unlock hidden abilities within. When in this berserk state, the character will fly off the ground, gaining a significant movement speed increase. All attacks will never miss and ignore the target's DEF. While in Union however, wellbeing is sacrificed for power. Sight decreases further, and HP is lost every time the player attacks. Attacking monsters, the player's HP will decrease 2% each hit, attacking players it will decrease 8% each hit. Attacking with less than 20% HP left results in instant death after the attack. Using the skill a second time returns the player to normal status.

  • Note: If several attacks are processed simultaneously while the TKM is at/below 20% HP, the TKM will die several times simultaneously, losing EXP for each death. As such, be careful when using skills with splash damage (such as Magnum Break).