Stat Point Refunder

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Base Level: None
Zeny: Based on points refunded
Cooldown: 90 days
Quest Reward(s): Being able to refund up to 33 status points

1. In Comodo, talk to the Physiotherapist, he is located inside a hut (145, 326).

Star Refunder Loc.jpg

2. You won't have weight requirements. However, you won't be able to refund STR if your weight goes over the 100% of your new max weight.

Note: Every STR point raises your max weight by 30 points.

3. Every status point has a cost of 100,000z.

Example: Refunding VIT from 9 to 5 (4 stat points, 8 status points), will cost 800,000z.

4. After proceeding and getting your points refunded, you will be given a cooldown of 90 days, this can be both checked in your quest log and in the NPC.

Note: Once you continue, the proceed can't be undone and the cooldown will be applied.

5. When re-statting yourself, keep in mind that if you are not a rebirth character you cannot pass through the stat hexagon.

Example: If you refunded 8 AGI points, ending up with just 1 left, and only had 1 point in LUK, you will be forced to complete the 10 points minimun requirement.