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Job Base: Novice
Job Type: First
Changes At: Izlude
Number of Skills: 10
Total Skill Points: 70
Total Quest Skills: 3
Job Bonuses
+7 +2 +4 +0 +3 +2


Swordsmen are honest and as stubborn as the strong waves of the ocean! They have strong physical attacks, defense, and can be useful in a lot of situations. A Swordman can become a headstrong leader to others. Swordmen continuously train to gain more skill and strength.

After reading King Tristan 3rd's official notice recruiting adventurers, swordsmen join with the hope of becoming ever stronger. Equipped with strong armor and weapons, the brave swordman joins the world of adventure.

About the Swordsman in game: The Swordsman class are important for turning in the Crusader and Knight, classes that can be helpful in everything: WOE, PvM, PvP. As a swordsman, you shall face little challenge in the beginning of the game. But after you choose one build and get some gear, and knowing places where to farm and to go leveling, the game will be easy to you.

Jobchange Guide

Base Level: None
Job Level: 10
Class: Novice
Quest Reward(s): Jobchange to Swordman

Note: click the coordinates to copy them, and paste them into the game chat to be directed to the location.

1. In Izlude, enter the Swordman Guild on the west side of town.


Location of the Swordman Guild
Swordman JC SwordmanGuildEntrance.png

2. Talk to the Swordman NPC in the center room behind the desk.

Swordman JC SwordsmanApplication.png

3.. Then the guard to the west. This guard will transfer you to a new room.

Swordman JC SwordsmanGuard.png

4. Talk to the Swordsman behind the desk to get information about the test.

Swordman JC Swordsman.png

5. Talk to the Test Hall Staff to begin the test.

Swordman JC TestHallStaff.png

First Map: A simple map. Just walk to the other side. If you fall you will be sent back to the beginning.

Second Map: This map involves two parallel bridges. Take your time and be careful not to fall off. You don't have to hold the mouse button down to walk.

Third Map: Similar to the first map except for the upper and lower levels. The lower level has a darker color than the upper level. Take your time and click carefully to get to the lower level. ~At the point where there is a gap in the top level, simply click on the lower level, and you will jump down. Then do the same to get back up.

6. After exiting the test maps, speak to the large Swordman in the main room to become a Swordman.


When we're talking about swordsmen builds, we need firstly speak about the second job that you want to be. Of course, you can create a 99 swordsmen, but normally people don't do this, and it's not recommendable to make one as your first character in game.

Because of that, we have below the build of the classes you can turn in as a Swordsman.

See Knight Builds or Crusader Builds for build strategies.



Swordmen can use many weapons in RO, but only a few of them are suggested for use. The equipment and weapons will change once the Swordman has become a Knight or Crusader.

  • One Handed Swords: i.e. Blade, Ring Pommel Saber, Saber. These are a good choice for a Swordmen, since Sword Mastery affects these weapons. However, their ASPD is lower than that of a dagger, but do more damage on medium sized monsters. (The ASPD increases to that of a dagger after becoming a Knight or Crusader, however.)
  • Daggers: i.e. Main gauche, Stiletto, Gladius, Ice Pick. Also a good choice of weapon since Sword Mastery also applies to daggers. ASPD of daggers is higher as a Swordman, but do less damage on medium and large monsters compared to a one handed sword. Daggers do 100% to small monsters though, which is useful against Metalings.
  • Two Handed Swords: i.e. Katana, Bastard sword, Two Handed Sword. These are not the best choice for a beginning Swordman since the ASPD is lower and a shield cannot be worn with one equipped. These are excellent weapons for Knights, though.
  • Spears: i.e. Pike, Trident. Swordman rarely use these unless to take advantage of their range to attack Greatest Generals from afar. However, one handed spears are great for Knights, while two handed spears are best for Spear Quicken Crusaders. Two handed spears can also be used on Knights to get high damage without the aid of a high level Provoke, but shields cannot be worn simutaneously.
  • Anything else: i.e. Maces, Axes. Stay away from these. They will have very low ASPD and damage output.

Class Data


See Knight Skills or Crusader Skills for second class skills.

Skill Description Levels Type
Bash.png Bash
Melee attack with additional accuracy, causing up to 400% damage to a single target. After learning Fatal Blow, also has a chance of stunning the target. 10 Offensive
Endure.png Endure
Disables Fliching Status for up to 7 Hits and up to 37 seconds. Also grants 10 bonus Mdef with casted. 10 Active
Increase HP Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery
Increases HP recovery while not moving. Also increases efficiency of healing items and Alchemist's Aid Potion. 10 Passive
Magnum Break.png Magnum Break
Melee AoE attack with added accuracy, dealing up to 300% damage in a 5*5 area the user. Also pushes back items and gives a small fire damage bonus for 10 seconds after use. Drains a bit of HP. 10 Offensive
Provoke.png Provoke
Increase a target's attack by up to 32% and decrease its defense by up to 55%. 10 Active
Sword Mastery.png Sword Mastery
Increases damage done with One-Handed Swords. 10 Passive
Two-Handed Sword Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery
Increases damage done with Two-Handed Swords. 10 Passive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Auto Berserk.png Berserk
Increases attack, but decreases Defense as per Provoke level 10 when HP drops below 25%. 1 Passive 30 Berserk Quest
Fatal Blow.png Fatal Blow
Adds a chance to stun targets hit with Bash level 6 and up. 1 Passive 30 Fatal Blow Quest
HP Recovery While Moving.png HP Recovery While Moving
Allows HP recovery while walking. 1 Passive 35 HP Recovery While Moving Quest

Job Bonuses

The bonus to stats given for each job level are listen in the below table.

Job Bonus
Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7
STR 2 14 33 40 47 49 50
AGI 30 46          
VIT 6 18 38 42      
DEX 10 22 36        
LUK 26 44          

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