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Job Base: Mage
Job Type: 2-1
Changes At: Geffen Tower
Number of Skills: 13
Total Skill Points: 101
Total Quest Skills: 1
Job Bonuses
+1 +8 +1 +12 +6 +2



Wizards are powerful offensive magic users. They rely on dangerous magic strikes as well as devastating Area of Effect spells to wreak havoc.

Jobchange Guide

See Wizard Job Change Guide for detailed information.

Changing into a Wizard from a Mage requires the player to complete a number of tasks:

  • Item Collection
  • Written Test
  • Battle Test

After completing these tests, the player will be transformed into a Wizard. This takes place inside of the Geffen Tower.


There are a large variety of builds in terms of skills. In terms of stats however, there isn't much freedom for originality besides melee and Fire Pillar builds, which are unusual. Most Wizards have 99 DEX then varying levels of INT and VIT, depending on what their character have been built for.


Melee Wizards are rare and probably stem from the fact that they can use Berserk Potions and a Dagger of Counter. Additionally, Quagmire makes dodging and hitting monsters much easier. They are rare builds that are for fun more than for practical use.

Fire Pillar



  • Fire Pillar 10 (The skill's rapid cast time of 0.3s coupled with similarly rapid or instant cast spells allow for neglecting DEX and serves as the bread and butter of the build)
  • Quagmire 5 (Cast on groups of mobs to both make them easier to control and dodge)

Example skill build: Fire Pillar

Fire Pillar build is centered around a solo leveling strategy involving using Fire Pillar and Quagmire. Enemy attacks can be easily dodged with Quagmire's 50 DEX reduction lowering their hit and a modest investment into AGI. Fire Pillar is used to kill mobs of enemies normally highly resistant to magic (i.e., with high MDEF) and a surplus of STR allows the wizard to farm heavy items like Great Nature and gemstones comfortably.




  • Storm Gust: 10
  • Lord of Vermilion: 1 or 10 (Primarily for tapping or breaking enemies out of ice to continue taking damage from Storm Gust in parties, rank 1 is viable at higher levels of DEX in parties with Magic Strings only)
  • Meteor Storm: 0 or 10 (Choose this or Lord of Vermilion (rank 10) for party play, it's not feasible to get both as a wizard. Rank 1 Lord of Vermilion and Meteor Storm 10 can fit snugly into a party-oriented build however)
  • Quagmire: 1~5 (Mostly useful for solo play to control enemies, can be useful for parties in a pinch to save a mobber that enemies have caught up with)
  • Heaven's Drive: 1 or 5 (Useful solo for dealing with Gargoyles or leveling on Wanderers and Dragon Tails. In a party it can be used to tap/damage mobs when Storm Gust/Lord of Vermilion/Meteor Storm is already being casted by other wizards)
  • Jupitel Thunder: 5 or 10 (Occasionally useful for finishing off frozen single targets either solo or in party play)
  • Water Ball: 0, 4 or 5 (Largely useless in party play, only take this skill if you intend to level in Maps with shallow water or have a Ninja/Sage slave with Watery Evasion/Deluge)
  • Fire Pillar: 0 or 10 (Used for solo Fire Pillar leveling, mostly useless for party purposes. Niche utility as a wizard's only means of damaging very high MDEF foes)
  • Ice Wall: 4~10 (Useful for mobbing while solo using the ice wall trick (see below) or for party play only in Bio3 (at present) to teleport troublesome enemies)
  • Sightrasher: 0, 2~10 (2 is a prerequisite for Meteor Storm. More points can be taken for the extremely niche party utility of breaking your own ice walls in Bio3, but Jupitel Thunder serves this purpose just fine)

Example skill builds: Balanced, Party-oriented no MS, Party-oriented with MS Solo-oriented (with Kaahi and Wizard Spirit), Solo-oriented (No Kaahi and Wizard Spirit)

These Wizards can level solo or, as they more commonly are, be joined by a Priest or an entire party. Generally, the Priest will mob up monsters, Heal themselves and use Suffragium on you, reducing the cast time of a single AoE skill - such as Storm Gust or Meteor Storm. If you're leveling solo, you may need to learn how to use Vertical Fire Wall and other tricks. Many builds go for more VIT and less INT, as seen in the WoE/PvP section.


In order to take part in WoE or even PvP, Wizards require VIT to avoid dying quickly and to resist Status Effects. Safety Wall, Stone Curse, Fire Bolt and varying levels of Jupitel Thunder and Storm Gust are popular weapons for Wizards in PvP. In WoE, Storm Gust and Meteor Storm are mainly used in precasts. Leftover stat points are dumped into STR for the single purpose to raise the Weight Limit. This can also be considered upon reaching high VIT, where a Wizard might decide holding more Potions is more effective than having higher HP or Status Effect resistance.

In PvP situations, try using Storm Gust level 1 to quickly freeze and scatter multiple targets.

Beware that opponents can easily resist Wizard skills with elemental armors and others (i.e. unfrozen) and MDEF. Players equipped with such can easily counter the damage from Storm Gust level 10. In these cases, try linking freezing techniques with Jupitel Thunder level 10 and Stone Curse with Fire Bolt level 10. Also, use various different elemental attacks if you suspect your opponent is switching armors to counter you. For example, if the damage of Jupitel Thunder is oddly low, the opponent may have equipped a Wind armor, so use Fire Bolt on them or an Earth attack instead.


Top Headgears:

INT Gear:

DEX Gear:

Mid Headgears:

Lower Headgears:

Right Hand:

Whatever is chosen to wield in the right hand, it should always be a rod type weapon, as they all provide +15% MATK.

INT Rods:

DEX Rods:

Miscellaneous Rods:


More DEX is usually better but sometimes getting more INT to attain the next MATK bonus (occurring every 5 and 7 points of INT) is more desirable. The Staff [3] and Arc Wand [2] with right cards provide the most, although mixed, stat points for non-battle ground items.

The slotted Survivors Rods are desirable Wizard weapons. The DEX version is basically a Quadruple Dexterous Rod with an extra 400 HP. The non-slotted Survivors Rods are a viable alternative for lower level Mages and Wizards, but they do not offer enough stat points for higher level Wizards.

The Death Word Card, Hill Wind Card, Laurell Weinder Card, Pitman Card and Red Ferus Card can be desirable in situations where the abilities they benefit are utilized exclusively. Some examples are Fire Pillar leveling, a Meteor Storm or Lord of Vermilion role in a party or farming low level mobs with Soul Strike. Ideally 4 cards are slotted in a Rod [4] or 3 in a Staff [3] (with Staff being the better choice if it allows you to reach a new min/max MATK bonus).

Left Hand:

The player should have multiple shields with "racial cards" - cards which resist respect races by 30%. For example, if they were to level in High Orcs or enter a PvP area, they should equip a Cranial shield (Thara Frog Card) to reduce damage received from Demi-Humans (i.e. High Orcs or other players) by 30%. The most common choice is Guard [1] because of its cheap price and low weight.

While racial guards are vital, it may be difficult to acquire all of the necessary ones immediately. Some players choose to get a Thief Bug Egg Card for use in the places they do not yet have the appropriate racial guard for.





Some accessories and cards that are helpful in leveling or PvP situations. Cards can be slotted into 2627.png Belt [1], 2607.png Clip [1] or 2658.png Nile Rose [1] to freely swap between different classes as they have no level requirement, unlike other slotted accessories.

Class Data


Below are listed the skills that are unique to the Wizard class. For more information about Mage skills, click here.

Skill Description Levels Type
Earth Spike.png Earth Spike
Causes the earth below a target to rise and strike a target for up to a maximum of 5 times. 5 Offensive
Fire Pillar.png Fire Pillar
Summons a pillar of fire on a target spot that acts similarly to a trap, dealing MDEF-ignoring damage. 10 Offensive
Frost Nova.png Frost Nova
Strikes surrounding enemies with water elemental damage with the chance of freezing them. 10 Offensive
Heaven's Drive.png Heaven's Drive
Raises the ground in a 5x5 area around a target area, dealing damage similar to Earth Spike. 5 Offensive
Ice Wall.png Ice Wall
Summons a shield of ice 5 cells wide in front of the caster. 10 Active
Jupitel Thunder.png Jupitel Thunder
Launches an orb of lightning that hits multiple times while pushing the target back. 10 Offensive
Lord of Vermilion.png Lord of Vermilion
Summons explosive bolts of destruction in a 9x9 area that deals 10 strikes per second. 10 Offensive
Meteor Storm.png Meteor Storm
Calls forth a wave of meteors from the sky that strike multiple times, each with the chance to stun a target. 10 Offensive
Quagmire.png Quagmire
Turns a 5x5 area of ground into a marshland that lowers AGI and DEX, and removes certain buffs. 5 Active
Sense.png Sense
Analyzes a target, allowing the user and any party members to view an enemy's stats. 1 Active
Sightrasher.png Sightrasher
Projects the fireball summoned by the Sight skill to knock enemies back and deal damage. 10 Offensive
Storm Gust.png Storm Gust
Summons a destructive blizzard in a 7x7 target area that can freeze enemies within it. 10 Offensive
Water Ball.png Water Ball
Uses water beneath the caster to launch a shower of water balls at a target. 5 Offensive
Fire Ivy.png Fire Ivy
Damage enemies by summoning ivy vines of flame from the ground. Unimplemented 10 Offensive

Quest Skills

Skill Description Levels Type Job Level
Sight Blaster.png Sight Blaster
Summon a protective fireball that lasts for 2 minutes, hitting any enemy that comes within a 3x3 area, knocking them back. 1 Offensive 30 Sight Blaster Quest

Soul Link

See Wizard Spirit.

Job Bonuses

Stat\Amount +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10 +11 +12
STR 12
AGI 6 10 24 34 41 43 46 47
VIT 38
INT 1 4 9 18 22 29 31 33 40 45 48 50
DEX 2 5 13 26 32 39
LUK 15 34


Wizards can use Concentration, Awakening and Berserk Potions.

Weapon Base ASPD Base Delay
Unarmed 150 500
Dagger 142.5 575
Rod 137.5 625

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